This is one of my most popular ebooks that will help you lose 25kg or more per year without exercise via 25 simple dieting tips.

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eBook: Lose 25+kg per year with 25 calorie quick tips.

This is one of my most downloaded weight loss ebook that provides 25 simple calorie saving quick tips to help you lose weight without exercise.

Simple Dieting Tips.

The eBook provides you with 25 easy to follow tips on how you can make simple diet changes that will help you lose weight. Using these simple tips, you can lose some 20kg or more per year. Trust me it is not as difficult as you may think.

Lose 25kg Per Year without exercise!

Well you could actually lose more but that depends on how you apply the many tips outlined in the eBook. But yeah, all 25 tips stated do not involve any exercise.

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Sample Tip:

Malaysian & International Editions

Since these are dieting tips, we are releasing regional versions of this ebooks. To this point we have the following editions out and ready for download.

These are easy to follow diet tweaking tips that can help you save 20kg or more per year .... dieting does not have to be difficult.

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