How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks Video Series

This 30 part video series is a step by step guide to help you build a unique and sustainable weight loss plan. Whether you want to lose 5kg in 5 weeks or 40kg per year, I will help you understand what exactly you need to do.

Also available in Bahasa Malaysia

Video 1: How Much Weight Should you Lose?

Video 2: How to Spot Reduce Fat?

Video 3: So how to lose weight or fat?

Video 4: Where does the 65g come from?

Video 5: Diet 70% vs 30% Exercise. But why?

Video 6: What exactly is your metabolic rate?

Video 7: Lets calculate your unique metabolic rate

Video 8: 1588cal per day? What does that mean?

Video 9: Lets factor in your lifestyle

Video 10: Lifestyle Changes Impact Your Food

Video 11: Which Diet is Best?

Video 12: How to control cravings?

Video 13: Free 45 Craving Saving Tips eBook

Video 14: Lets build a meal plan together

Video 15: How to count calories?

Video 16: How to lose 5kg in 5 weeks?

Video 17: What is a crash diet really?

Video 18: How to lose 3kg of water in a week?

Video 19: Guide to weight loss supplements

Video 20: Must you exercise to lose weight?

Video 21: Fitness vs Weight Loss

Video 22: How often should you exercise?

Video 23: Why the 30 Day Squat Challenge is a bad idea?

Video 24: How long should a exercise session last?

Video 25: How to build fitness?

Video 26: What is the best time to exercise?

Video 27: Lifting weights and weight loss?

Video 28: What is the best exercise?

Video 29: You can’t lose weight if you …

Video 30: Understanding cholesterol