wordpress.jpgblogger.jpgSince a few people have asked me about my new website after moving from blogspot to wordpress.

Here a little guide on what you’ll need to get started. Not entirely free but worthwhile la. You’ll need a domain, hosting plan (kalau bole), wordpress (themes & plugins) and some imagination.


First you need a domain. Like mine, kevinzahri.com, but what you choose is really up to you. How much will it cost? for .com or .net its just about RM45/year. For .my domains is RM100/year.


Next you perlukan hosting space to host your website. For a site like mine, you don’t need that much web space. maybe a 50+mb (depending on how many images, videos you have la). Plan yang basic yang ekonomical is sufficient it costs you about RM149.99 per year.

If you don’t wanna pay anything, you can look at “FREE” hosting plans or host it with wordpress or other blogging communities.


My blog engine is wordpress. probably most popular la kot. You can get it for free either from wordpress.com itself ataupun daripada a hosting plan that have fantastico includes. Fantasico will make installation a piece of cake.

Once you’ve done that you gotta look at themes and wordpress plugins.


These are all free. just browse at various sites and look for the one that suits you best. Lagi2 you can always change it later.


Yes you’ll probably want to get various plugins that suit your needs. I’ll include a list of the ones I use later.

Thats pretty much it. The rest like photo galleries and all. Are up to you.

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Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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