adidas Sports Performance Centre Launch at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur, the largest adidas flagship store in Malaysia (5000+sqft). Kevin Zahri is one of the adidas ambassadors.

adidas flagship launch pavillionThrough my affiliation and one of adidas malaysia ambassadors, I was at launch of adidas Sports Performance Centre, the largest flagship store in Malaysia, at Pavillion earlier this morning.

We were treated to some very cool performances by ninie yoga, celebrity fitness and also some of Malaysia’s football players. Do check out the pictures below and hey, head down to the largest adidas store in Malaysia! Some whooping 5000+ sqft (kalau tak salah I) :)

Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • cumie

    uhh? ade org ckp x muka u cm dat guy dlm pic tuh
    sape dia?? er.. lucas podolsky yeh.. germany kan..

  • cumie

    looking forward to pg jalan2 kt pavilion.. ley r singgah kt adidas tuh!

  • cumie – muka i like podolski….funny u mention that…my gf baru cakap hari tu…..but i rasa its just the poster kot.

  • chaer

    eh.. mane ek nak cari retro jersey liverpool?

    mahal x?? bape ek??

  • (^o^)/~