This post is about three weeks overdue but as most of you know, my wife and I were away on our super romantic and fun honeymoon (details soon).

So here it is, the beginning of my new journey, my akad nikah on the morning of the 3rd April 2010 at Masjid Taman Tun Abdul Razak, Ampang, Selangor.

The night before

Wow. I definitely couldn’t sleep. My mind of occupied with bucketload of emotions. Super exited to marry the girl of my dreams but also nervous, anxious, worried hahah and everything else. I spent the night reading up on “rukun2 islam, iman, sembahyang etc” …. hahah coz you never know what they may ask.

oh and yeah … not to forget the lazaf nikah that I kept repeating over and over in my head

Akad Nikah at Masid Taman Tar

The morning on my wedding day was not all that bad. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that nervous …. until we got the “GO” from the masjid that our rombongan to move in … hahahaha …. dup dap dup dap … When we arrived, we didn’t really salam with everyone, didn’t my my wife-to-be … I was very focused on where I was supposed to sit etc but alamak!!!!!! ….. I sat on the cushion terbalik … this obviously caused some reaction from the crowd but oh well.

So, it started with an opening from the imam masjid, followed by doa and a pre-wedding khutbah where I fought hard to sit up straight, keep my composure and focused on my lazaf which I kept repeating in my head hahaha “Aku terima ….

After our cool imam cracked a few jokes here and there, he tricked my father-in-law to be the kadi nikah (is that the right word) … hahah. I was relieved that there was no soal-jawap. By now, the lafaz was coming up …. my heart definitely jumped. I pretty much blocked out everything else, including what was said to me …. I was waiting for my cue to say ….

… Aku terima nikah Rio Elani binto Rio Kamal Yuyha dengan mas kahwinnya sebanyak tiga ratus ringgit … tunaaaaaaai …

Kadi, imam and saksi’s looked at each other for a couple seconds and wham baam I was married! Hahaha single lazaf is what the wife wanted and that’s what I errrrrr brought hahaha. Things got a lil emotional after that but pictures speak louder than words ;)

To be continued ….

Kevin Zahri

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  • Salam Kevin,

    I just read the story above and I also dapat rasakan and can imagine (a little lah kan ;) the suasana yang bercampur baur at that time. Suka time you lafazkan 'akad nikah'. ..(Full of charisma) ….and here I ucapkan tahniah to you again and again. Like I said, we know you can be a great husband and a loving father one day. Yes … you finally jumpa your 'cinta sejati' and hope you sentiasa menghargai all the anugerah Yang Maha Esa to you.

    May Allah SWT bless you with kebahagiaan and kekuatan iman sebagai pemimpin keluarga Islam!

    • thanks for your kind wishes and comments …. yeah insyallah :)

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  • Congratulations Kevin.

  • hope kekal ke anak cucu…amin

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