Salam, kevin. hey i pray that u will always be showered by His mercy, in both this world and the hereafter, in-shaa-Allah. =)
actually i wanna ask u something that bothering me. when i did abs work out/exercises, i did several crunches like:
1) basic crunch,
2) right + left oblique crunch,
3) bicycle crunch,
4) reverse crunch,
5) long arm crunch,
6) crossover crunch,
7) vertical leg crunch, and
8) half curl crunch

the last one: half curl crunch, wallah, i dont’ understand why it hurt my jaw at the face so much, i mean unlike other crunches where i could feel the tension at my abs (which mean i know i did it right), but this half curl, the tension directly felt on my jaw, and not my abs (lol). especially when i struggled to get up again again, one after another.does that mean that i did it wrong? please advice. tq! =)