Hi Kevin

I’m 26, and I get the BMI of 33.3, that’s an obesity for my height that only 145cm, I won’t force myself to get slim, just thinking I can’t gain anymore n need to lost until I get the ideal BMI for myself, yes for my own health, after Ramadhan I lost 2 kg, and then I took another month (normal day) for 1kg, This is to slow for me, I do jog twice a week, and a rope jump on the other day. But I like to sleep a lot, even after lunch I will take nap about 20 to 45 minutes, after a quite heavy lunch.. is this OK? i need this nap to continue with my work that will end until 4 p.m. During breakfast I only take bread toast and plain water n sometime I skip dinner, or just take some fruits, and maybe I take soup with potato in it.