Hi kevin
I’m 1.62-tall, with normal BMI but I’m still upset with it because my current weight is 61kg.. it’s very upsetting because I look skinny, people always guessing that i’m just around 40-50kg by looking at my skinny upper parts.. but the truth is i’m heavy, at so so so fat from my thighs to below.. my waist is just 28inch (I used to have 23inch so even my waist is upsetting me, but at least it’s still considered as slim), my chest is just 32inch and my arm is 11inch.. from these measurements i’m sure you cam imagine that i’m in the category of slim.. because even all of my friends said so.. but unfortunately, my below is very very very fat! My thighs are 25inch (each), and they are so flabby with cellulites.. my calf is also fally with 14.5inch.. my butt is 38.5inch.. i’m so stressed as eventhough I illisionally look skinny, but I can’t even fit in any women jeans 🙁 … currently I’m wearing a STRAIGHT CUT MEN JEANS sized 33.. Size 33 is a giant size for women huwaaaa!!! Because of this aweful flaw I have, I always wear long top to cover my thighs.. btw, I used to weigh around 53kg in 2016, but i’d just checked fir this year and it’s now 61kg!! I don’t even know where my fault is because I eat very less portion everyday and i’m not even expanding at all 🙁 !!! So kevin.. why am I like this? What makes me like this? Is it normal? 🙁 because it’s such a shame because everyone around me with the same upper parts like me have nice skinny legs.. I started cardio by jog, because it’s the easiest way and the only way that I know I won’t make mistakes with.. what should I do? How long in a day should I jog to slim my legs until I can reach 20s-inch sized thighs like others do? How many calories must I burn in a day? And what else should I do? I had enough of feeling ugly with this ugly flaws 🙁 please help me… thank you in advance 🙂