We Rock The Spectrum Malaysia. A Special Kids Gym

Rafa, Mika and I were invited to a different kind of gym. A kids gym called We Rock The Spectrum Malaysia at Melawati Mall. Not that one would notice, the kids gym is…

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Intermittent Fasting Diet di Malaysia. Bagus ke tidak?

Ramai sering bertanya tentang diet Intermittent Fasting atau IF untuk kurangkan berat badan. Baca panduan dan pendapat saya tentang diet IF di Malaysia.

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Penang Hard Rock Vacation

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I am an official member of Mensa Malaysia. Geek Alert.

What is Mensa? Mensa is a society for bright people whose IQ score is within top 2 percent of the population. Well for fun really. Yeah remember that I am a geek. IQ tests are…

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There are NO rules in Life.

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