Video Talk – Youth Malaysia’s Entrepreneurship Convention 2008

Following is a video of Kevin Zahri's speech at Youth Malaysia's 1st National Youth Entrepreneurship Convention 2008 (NYEC) at that help at PWTC on the 18-19th Janaury 2008.

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SPM 2008 – Whats Happening To Our Education System

Its SPM 2008 and yet again we have more A's. The value of an "A" in Malaysia's SPM is a has no value. And of course another record breaking student 21A's, Azali Azlan.

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Invite Kevin To Talk At Your Workplace

"24 Questions with Kevin Zahri" is a reach-out program for companies and organizations to promote a health and productive lifestyle for their employees in Malaysia and…

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McDonald’s 100% Fish Ad – Calorie Guide?

Ever wanted to know the calorie content of foods at McDonald's Malaysia? Here is their official nutrition facts. Downloadable

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Nak Buat Senaman Apa Di Gym?

Not sure what to do at the gym? This post will help you get started. Remember its all about quality not quantity ;)

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UiTM Talk – Career, Image and Life

Yesterday Kevin conducted a 1-day seminar @ UiTM, Shah Alam for the accounting students to prepare them for their upcoming internship programs but also to help them prepare for…

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Apa dia “Amalkan 5M”?

Penat cari online but tak jumpa penerangan tentang Amalkan 5M oleh kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia. Kempen Makan Secara Sihat, Amalkan 5M. What is Amalkan 5M? Is it Makan, Mandi,…

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Job Opening – Admin Clerk

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