What would we do without milk and cream?
Milk is probably one of the most nutritious foods around. It’s balanced, rich in calcium and used for everything! Without milk, there would be no cereals, no teh tarik and hey a lot of the coffee drinks wouldn’t be the same.

Ok enough about that … as much as milk is good for us, milk and creams can contain lots of fat that ain’t helping your weight management in the long run. Hence knowing what you put in your mouth does help.

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List of Calories in Milk and Creams (for 150ml)

Following tables the calorie contenct for various milks and creams based on a 150ml (a regular glass) serving. Exact calorie content would depend on preparation etc.

Milks Calories Fat
Milk skimmed (pasteurised) 65 0.3g
Semi-skimmed 100 3.5g
Whole Milk Full Fat 130 7g
Condensed Milk Whole (Susu Pekat Manis) 600 20g
Evaporated milk whole 300 18g
Goats Milk 130 7g
Soya Milk 75 4g
Creams Calories Fat
Half Cream 300 27g
Single Cream 410 40g
Soured Cream 420 42g
Whip Cream 780 80g
Double Cream 910 100g

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