Not Your Average Health & Fitness Talks.

  • Weight Loss 101
  • 10 Most Common Weight Loss Myths
  • How to Build a Diet Plan?
  • Crash Course Guide to
  • How to Lose 5kg in 1 Week?
  • Supplements 101: Yeay or Nay?
  • JLo or Jellow Butt
  • Raising Fit Kids
  • Entrepreneurship in Fitness
  • Exercise at Night Kills?
  • Fit Tips For the Busy Professional
  • Calorie oh Calorie
  • Mental Health
  • Positive Mindset
  • Ramadhan & Fasting
  • Heart Rate Training
  • Work & Life Balance
  • Happiness & Weight Loss
  • Office Exercise Workouts
  • Others.

Following are some of the health, fitness and wellness topics that Kevin talks about. Don’t see a topic that you have in mind, do drop us a message and let’s explore it together.

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" All I ever needed for my talks are a whiteboard and markers. These tools allow me to cater and customise the talk to my audience and make it a unique and personal experience. "

— Kevin Zahri, Jom Kurus Sekolah - Bukan Soal Kurus