For Love or Money!

Couple reasons for this post…..1: Siti & Datuk K and well…we’ll see how the first one goes ;)

Why in the world would a young, attractive and successful girl like Siti tie the knot with well something thats definitely not my idea of a fairtale story……what is happening to women nowadays????

Why is it that more and more women are merely drawn by the idea of marrying for financial security!? Its sad…it really is. From talking to friends (girls) somehow they feel that true love does not hold up and that at least with money…thats something they can hold on 2 no matter what happens…and by “what” they usually mean their husbands turning to someone younger like our Datuk K. Isn’t it possible to “live happily ever after?”

Hmmm…I’m not a dreamer….but still I would like to believe that someday I’m going to marry the girl of my dreams and love, care and be with her til the day we die…sounds corny?? Hahahah…maybe but for me, I’d refuse to marry unless I felt that way (and I do)…

Is money important? Definitely coz how would I be able to “love, care and be” with her (and my family) if I can’t take care of myself. A balance is good….too much wealth does corrupt and hell yeah, it complicates things. But hey, you can’t have it all.

So what about Siti…..why did she marry someone’s husband, someone’s father? hmmmm….honestly i don’t get it. Will their marriage last? maybe….will she be happy? I hope so but I don’t think so. Will he be loyal? Don’t know the guy but apparently he has some kind of reputation…dunno lah.

Would you marry Siti? I wouldn’t…..I prefer a simple and private life. Is it difficult for her to find a man? No but its probably hard to find a man her age that:

  1. she can look up 2
  2. is not intimidated by who she is
  3. compete with her wealth
  4. is genuine about her
  5. she is attracted and drawn to (women are drawn to macam2)

SECOND reason:
Money comes n goes, hahahaha even AF comes n goes but….the person I’ll share my life with is ONE! Like they say…the best things in life are FREE :)…and I found what I’ve been looking for…need I say more? ;)

Kevin Zahri

Hi, my name is Kevin Zahri or affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness. I am an award winning health and fitness influencer, wellness activist based Malaysia and founder of this regions largest weight loss movement called Jom Kurus ... oh and a member of MENSA.

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