Hari Bersama Belia by KBS

Was fortunate to be invited by En Yusri dari Kementerian Belia and Sukan Negara untuk menhadiri their “Hari Bersama Belia” last Monday, 2nd June 2008.

The event’s objective was partially for KBS’ departments to showcase their programs and activities to various visitors, clients and of course also to meet with Menteri Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia, YB Datuk Ismail Sabri (I didn’t know Dafi was his son until the recent election).

Why was I there?

Hmmm it has always been my goal to work together with our Ministry of Youth and Sports as I feel that:

  • The youth is the future of this country and we all play our role in developing them.
  • Sports (whether competitive or not) is vital in developing individuals to become driven, disciplined and mentally strong.
  • My work goes hand in hand with their objectives and I hope to contribute in any way I can.

Jadi tentunya part of my goal was not only to promote my book but also to meet with the new people in charge at the ministry so that insyallah, I’d be able to share my ideas and collaborate with them.

Thank You

So again, I would like to thank YB stopping at my lil booth and hope that you enjoy the books. Also terima kasih to En Yusri for inviting me to your “Hari Bersama Belia”. Lastly, thanks Yus (intern) for taking care of my (our) booth.

Hari Bersama Belia Photos

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  • wished could join…. :(

  • wilmi

    man, wish i could see u and involve in any program like tis in future-bestnya tis program of KBS!

  • finn

    terima kasih sebab sudi join Hari Bersama Belia di KBS
    we really..really..really appreciate ur commitment

    semoga kita boleh lagi bekerjasama pada masa akan dtg

    wish u all da best!!