Hi … I am Rio Mikaela

Hallo and Hi,

My full name is Rio Mikaela Kevin Zahri and i am 7 years old in year 2 and I am taking over my daddy’s computer.

I am famous because I am on Instagram with my dad. My birthday is on January 9 we celebrate at high sky. I go school at Desa Park City. My first BFF was Daania right now she is 9 years old and my bff now is Arissa.

I have a brother name Rafael he is 9 years old in year 3. My mother is 33 years old and my dad is 42 years old. We live in Mon’t Kiara 28. My home has a large slide at my swimming pool and a small one and last bit not least a hot tub and a normal one. My favourite movie is Sam and Cat ,Inbestergaters, Descendents and Frozen 2.

Puss puss is my cat and she is 1 years old. Her birthday is on October 18th. Now is Covid 19, it’s serious and on news. The covid made us stay at home it takes forever to stop My dad made it Live Home Workout for the covid 19. The work out is like exersise and it will be on Instagram. You should join. My dream is to be a dance teacher, artist or a singer. And I am on instagram and Facebook Fit with Mikaela so you should join like other people do .


Boleh saya bantu?

Ingin kurangkan berat badan atau ada sebarang pertanyaan? Do reach out to me. I would be happy to hear from you.

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