A quick guide to fitness training. Apakah itu fitness?

Q: How to you get fit?

A: Most importantly, fitness is self defined. How? Lets just say that for a triathlete, gym buff and working professional, the word “fitness” has a very different meaning.

Health & fitness also is very personal. To me fitness is the ability to perform my daily activities comfortably and with ease.

To me fitness is the ability to perform my daily activities comfortably and with ease.

So here pun….my fitness expectation pun will change over time (as I age hahaha)….even throughout the year: my needs during ramadhan would obviously differ from times when I prepare for a triathlon (dulu la) or sport events.

So say you wanna increase your fitness, what to do?

Whereas latihan beban trains your muscles, fitness training is all about training your heart muscles, its ability to pump blood.
How do you “train” your heart? Through senaman cardiovascular (cardio).

  • What is cardio? Any exercise that you do continuously for a certain amount of time
  • Sample exercises: running, climbing, sports, jogging, dancing, aerobics etc
  • For how long? At least 20 minutes….best if you pelbagaikan (diversify) masa dan cara
  • Berapa kali seminggu? up to you but def not everyday….remember to rest. 2-4 kali seminngu will do it.
  • Do you have to push yourself? mestila….but not sampai u pengsan….pentingkan diversiti dan mempelbagaikan your approach
  • What about heart rate? useful if you have a heart rate monitor but for guidance – if you tak bole bercakap ketika bersenam….than you are training too hard!
  • makan or minum? Depends on your goal, if you are strictly training in increase fitness, make sure you have simple carbs before and after your training.
  • What about weight training? Generally, weight training trains your muscles dan bukan your heart, unless anda buat circuit training.
  • Thats it? Yup pretty much

First of all you gotta remember that it doesn’t happen overnight la…it take time to train your heart.

First of all you gotta remember that it doesn’t happen overnight la…it take time to train your heart. Tapi do it for a lifetime…not just untuk 2-3 minggu :D

Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • charlie

    good post…..very help for people like me that try to be fit after raya

  • wan

    20 minits? cukup ke? camane with stretching or warm up?

  • cumie

    20 minits tu paling kurang la i think..
    kalo nak wat aerobic pon, 1jam pon ada jgk.. warm up + warm down lagih..
    btol ke kev?
    lame da xnyibuk sini..;)
    xsbar nk pre order dat book!

  • mary subang

    hi there kevin,

    nice blog…didn’t know u had one pun.
    yoga how? is it cardio?

  • charlie

    what bout golf?

  • charlie – golf? yeah its cardio but you’d probably burn less calories per hour opposed to badminton or jogging.

    mary subang – yoga is kurang in terms of cardio but great for relaxation and your spirituality…kot :) but also depends on what kind of yoga u do.

    cumie/wan – yes 20 minits paling kurang.

  • roger

    saya buat intensif cardio, 50 mins on trademill everyday since last month.. berat badan turun for first 2 weeks, tapi lately tak turun2.. salah ke cara saya? (tgh mood nak dapat berat badan ideal ni.. hehe)

  • roger – it has partially to do with your keperluan calori yg menurun apabila you lose weight so as you lose weight….makin susah untuk teruskanya.

    also look check out this post utk cara jogggin supaya membakar lemak. http://kevinzahri.com/blog/2006/09/12/when-should-u-jog-morning-or-afternoon/

  • feroz ahmad

    can you give me example of weight training ?

  • Teddy_Lee

    ermm,saja nak kongsi pengalaman,i ni umo 28,awal tahun ni..dlm march,i gi medical check up..then i realize berat i tak disangka2 seumur hidup mencecah 100kg,sampai i langsung x percaya,then lemak byk berkumpul di bahagian perut..padahal i diet makan la jugak but x buat exercise,so rasanya itu mcm wake up call bila dah berat mcm tuh..so sehari lepas tuh i mulakan dengan “baby step”..i kurangkan makan nasi..malam i makan b4 8,so i pun gi gym kat umah..itu pun dlm 30 minit,then i tingkatkan…i makan nasi seminggu sekali..itu pun waktu pagi hari ahad!!!then gi gym at 5x seminggu,1 jam at least!so i mmg makan selalu tapi dlm kuantiti yang sedikit..malam mmg i hanya ambil whey protein n buah,skrg gile makan carrot!!!kekek..so dah masuk bulan ke 7..i telah turun berat badan sebanyak 16 kg…sampai i sendirik x percaya!!skrg berat 84,so i need to lose another 5 kg..dulu pakai size 40..now i can fit size 34!!sapa kata kita x boleh turun berat?tanpa bantuan produk2..n hanya bekalkan disiplin n exercise kita sememangnya boleh!!and sebagai motivasi the biggest loser tuh mmg hari2 i tgk..heheheh