Yes you can lose weight without exercise. Let me introduce this post by saying that losing weight is easy. If you know how! Exercise is obviously encouraged for various reasons but it is always optional. Problem is most people rarely understand the role exercise plays.

From me and all the success stories featured on my website, let me be the fist to tell you that losing weight is EASY! Given that you know how! Exercise is obviously encouraged for various reasons but it is always optional. Problem is that most people rarely understand the role exercise plays.

Ask yourself: Why do you lose weight when you are sick?!! All you do is lie in bed. No exercise but still, you lose weight. That’s because you restrict your calorie intake and hey your body’s is in “heat”, making you sweat – release a lot of energy (calories).

Intake vs Output

Weight loss is all about managing those calories. Calories coming in (food) vs calories going out (everything you do including sleeping etc). To help you make sense of the relationship between calories: 7700 calories is equal to 1kg of body weight. So if you eat 7700 calories less than what your body needs, you will lose 1kg. Same can be said about exercise – burn 7700 extra calories and you will lose 1kg as well. Do both (diet and exercise) and hey that combination of 7700 x2 is now 2kg. Makes sense? Sure it does.

To lose weight: You need to make sure that Calories In < Calories Out. Well easier said than done.

Dieting Vs Exercise?

Diets and exercise all help you to manage calories. Diets typically restrict calories where as exercise increases your calorie output. As I mentioned in the example above, both help you to lose or manage your weight but you don’t necessarily need both. What is important is that you understand the role that dieting and exercise plays.

Exercise does not “really” burn fat. Exercise burns calories but so does walking, sleeping, working. Everything burns calories. Yes, fats are calories but so are protein and carbohydrates.

So How Exactly Do You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Easy, you need to know the following:

  1. Calorie Requirement: You need to know your daily calorie requirement. This depends on your age, weight, height, sex and yes your level of activity.
  2. Current Calorie Intake: Look at your current food and drink intake for a day and list down its calories. (Head on over to for help)
  3. Compare the two and make sure your calorie intake IS NOT higher than your calorie requirement.
Need more help? If you need more details and examples on how to do all this, I highly encourage you to get a copy of my latest eBook “How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks”. It explains everything in details over 30+ pages with examples for calculations, meal plans and much more. As a bonus, you get two more ebooks for Free.

Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • scha

    beside online, where else i can buy your book?

  • aliceimm

    Kevin, it is such an interesting article but lot's of typo mistakes. Truly enjoy the article!

  • Asri


    which time is best to excercise, morning or evening?
    Thank you :)

  • mia

    can i ask?
    how to buy the book???

  • fie

    kevin, i'm wondering and dah check dkt,
    how come bubur have higher calories than a bowl of rice? bkn bubur easier to digest ke?

    & i heard about maple syrup diet.. is it good? where can i get a maple syrup actually?

    • sometimes depends on serving size. bubur is nasi. so send of the day depends on how much you consider to be one serving.

  • Kevin, i have read that incorrect exercises can cause is correct?

  • weight loss

    Im not that confident about the idea, i guess you still need to workout to lose weight. that is something i have learned from


    Indeed this might just work but as what i have read from exercise and diet are still the best way to a leaner and of course healthier body. 

  • Simple math very correct!  But still need exercise lah. According to research at  It says that diet alone not good enough.  Must have proper exercise too. Need to burn the visceral fat.  But most people malas lah.

  • Fergalemmanuel

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing such creative and good

    Physical exercises play an important role for proper weight loss. But,
    it is best to find the right balance between exercise and diet.

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  • Good article about Losing Weight. Calorie Intake vs Output To Lose Weight was excellently detailed. Thanks a lot for this article.

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    Hi I had an overweight problem when I was in high school, now my problem
    is solved after following steps given by the doctor on this website