Dear all,

Hiring for my new company, :D

Looking for administrative eSales/Office assistant. Details are as follows.

1. Nama Jawatan:Content Manager/Maintenance/General eSales Assistant
2. Nama Syarikat:
3. Keterangan Jawatan/Tugasan:
– Content manager for our eCommerce Sites
– Sales assistant for online sales/enquiries
– updating of online catalog/website.
– other.
4. Kelayakan: Minimum SPM
5. Cara Memohon: email to or call Azura @ 42705250
6. Tarikh Tutup Jawatan Tersebut: Mid April
7. Salary: ~RM1000 (depending on experience)

Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • Anonymous

    Iz that other company, the c… urs too? any recommendations, ahaks ;)))

  • Stongkol

    What is an assistent?

  • Anonymous

    i think rm1000 is too little…ridiculous

  • Roronoa Zoro

    aiyoh… taken oledi ah!
    missed chances…

  • I get affected by allergy to different particles very immediately. Can anyone suggest any
    Remedy for allergy .

  • sue

    anyone wants a job at ipoh parade mall..kios sales assistant..salary RM1000++…pls email and give me your detail will contact you asap…thanks