Malaysia: Why so Desperate One?

Ahhh my first post…probably one of the reasons why I decided to start a blog. Why is Malaysia so desperate for International Intention that is has to draw on the likes of “Miss Georgia” or “Hang Tuah” as “Malaysians”? So what if they have Malaysian parents!! Both for 1. can’t speak BM, 2. never lived in Malaysia and 3. (in my opinion) know nuttin (or very little) about who we are.

We call ourselves “Truly Asia”, don’t we have well nutured home grown Malaysian talents that can carry our flag internationally? What about Nicol David? Again, only after becoming the world number 1 is Malaysia taking notice. How does that make her feel? She and her family probably carried themselves through all the development as a young athlete without much (financial) support from the Malaysian govt. But thats great! People shouldn’t expect anyone to help them live their dreams. But nor should Malaysia hope to be internationally recognized by looking for fake Malaysians abroad!!!!

Lets focus on our own people and let them make us proud as Malaysians. Kalau tak ada then lets not pretend that we are.

Malaysia seems so desperate for international fame that the first olympian gold medalist will surely be idolised and made into an instant national icon. Somehow I don’t even wanna see it happen coz its pretty lame. Macam jakon lah.

Malaysia is a great country with awesome potential but lets focus on what we have in our homeland. Lets focus on the problems we face and find a way to solve them.

Its embarressing to make use of someone else accomplishments as Malaysia had very little to do with the “success” of Monica Pang, Stephen Rahman and or Nicol David. They owe their success to themselves and are taking Malaysia for a ride!

Kevin Zahri

Hi, my name is Kevin Zahri or affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness. I am an award winning health and fitness influencer, wellness activist based Malaysia and founder of this regions largest weight loss movement called Jom Kurus ... oh and a member of MENSA.

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