What do I eat everyday?

A lot of you have been asking me what I eat on a normal day. This was also one of the reason why I decided to build – in order to share my meal plans with everyone.

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  • I consume about 2100 calories per day. Which is appropriate based on my calorie needs
  • I break it down to bout 5 to 7 meals, depending on my activites.
  • Yes, I consume nasi on a daily, teh tarik and more goodies basis
  • As you will see, I actually eat quite a lot of food but they foods are not loaded with calories. Its all about knowledge.

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Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • Kelvin

    hey abang zhari,my name is kelvin and i need your help to lose some a 14 year old student and i need some tips to lose some weight and to keep fit through the day can you please give me some tips i really need some help. Thank You

  • Kelvin

    hey abang zhari,my name is kelvin and i need your help to lose some a 14 year old student and i need some tips to lose some weight and to keep fit through the day can you please give me some tips i really need some help.and i almost forgot that i may not able to be at the gym to lose weight so i need some tips to lose weight at home i apreciate you tips if you can help me. Thank You

  • It’s ok to have a comment.

  • fren


    i hope im not lated to wish haapy new year to u. hope all ur ambition will come true this year. i just want ask, berape banyak kalori perlu dibakar setiap kali sesi latihan di gym? hope u can reply asap. take care fran, have a nice day

  • mus

    nak fitt dlm mase 30 hari….bagaimane??

  • cekodok lempeng


    wanna ask question
    saya mengalami masalah badan tidak seimbang
    badan saya agak kurus, tapi saya mempunyai paha n pinggul yg agak besar, ramai yg mencemuh saya kerana mempunyai bentuk badan yg tidak stabil..

    help me please

  • soyprotein

    hai bro zahri,i want some tips from u to help me gain my weight.for ur information, my height 172 and weight 54.


    HI…Im Vicky..i need ur help to give me tips to reduce my body weight..thank u

  • hai zahri..berat sy 105 kg dan tinggi 155..baru-baru ni saya mengikuti kelas aerobik setiap 2 x seminggu dan makan mcm biasa…bentuk bdn saya mcm epal krn bhgn atas sgt besar dan sukar turun..mcmmana bentuk senaman yang sesuai untuk saya?

  • anna

    hye bro… sy pelik la, bile sy nak buat meal plan, np xbole drag 2nd meal..cuba bro tgk meal ‘anna nyer meal plan’… tu saya nyer la tu.. ntah nape ntah boleh plak nasi tu utk letak kat lunch dia bole ade kat breakfast…aduh, plese bro, ajar saya yg baru nak menapak ni… 1 lagi, khas utk lunch, menu2 lauk xde ke? thats it… tq…

  • zeeta

    Agaknyalahkan boleh tak saya buat senaman yg mensasarkan beberapa bahagian tubuh contohnya senaman untunk perut, pinggang, peha sahaja?


  • fahmi

    hai zahri.. want to ask u somthing.. bagaimana hendak menaikan berat badan.. for yours information saya ni jenis orang yang susah nak naik berat tapi senang nak turun.. pelbagai cara sudah saya cuba tetapi hasilnya tidak memuaskan.. berat saya 53kg but my body look like a stick.. pease help me..

  • Zetty

    Salam Mr. Zahri…
    I’m Zetty, 30 years old… I’m such a fat girl…Really need ur advice how to loose weight fast but safe… I’m the girl who likes to eat…Now my weight is 98.6kg… I like to be beautiful like the other girls…Could wear what they wanna to…At the moment i already get myself into gym…But after a few workouts, i’ve problem with my knee…Could u please help me…

  • hello everyone,

    apologies for not being to jawap each and everyone of your questions.

    if you are in urgent need to help, i suggest you come and see me for consultation. its the best way to discuss and solve your problems.


  • zul hisham ibrahim

    Saya berumur 36 tahun, tinggi 170 cm, berat 107 kg. Ukuran pinggang: 44 inci .

    Saya telah beli treadmill last week. Deit saya setiap hari: Pagi : makan nasi petang: makan nasi saya banyak minukm air kosong. Soalan saya betulkah deit saya ni… Apakah deit yang sepatutnya saya ikuti dan senaman apakah yang sepatutnya saya lakukan?

  • @zul: zul sepatutnya amalkan diet yg bole dipraktikan untuk jangka masa berpanjangan. Saya syorkan Zul sertai workshop saya nanti untuk memdapatkan knowledge dan tanya soalan :)

  • azuin

    hye mr zahri..i’m azuin..23 years old..Really need ur advice how to loose weight fast but safe… I’m the girl who likes to eat…Now my weight is 53kg,and 157 cm heght.i ada probs with peha and pinggul not really fat act,tp i x selesa ngan pinggul dan peha i..need ur help 2 kecikkan my peha dan pinggul…

  • hello azuin,

    why not you join our upcoming workshop this 25th April @ Celebrity Fitness?

  • wan

    saya sedang pregnant 6 bulan anak ke 4.before married my wt 55kg, after that naik 40kg time 1st pregnant.Luckily, time pregnant 2nd baby & 3rd wt hya 84kg….pastu bru down ke 78kg.
    Before pregnant yg ke 4 ni sya dah turun ke 65kg…& masih tinggal 13kg utk turun but nak buat camne-pregnant lagi.
    For your info, tinggi i 158cm.Boleh tak bagi cara nak turun bert time confinment nanti?Tak larat dah badan berat……TQ so much.


    i already done with ur suggestion at 24/7 day book guidance…
    i already lose about 6kg for 2 week..

    how to lose more weight?….

    i already make cardio exercise for 45 min perday…?

    what is suggestion to me…

    needs help….

  • hello gee! that is awesome. Congratulations.

    when you say you “want to lose more weight”, you mean you are not losing any more or u want to lose it faster. actually 6kg in 2 weeks is very fast already.

  • raul

    bro..saya nie tinggal di tak leh arh join club, so cam mana saya nak dapatkan tips dari awak.
    saya sekarang nak kurangkan lemak di bahagian perut lah…kalau boleh nak slim sikit and nampak 6pack kalau jadi lah hihihihi

  • UtelpetePlete

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  • Noorzarina bt Ismail

    Dear Kelvin, I'm 47 yrs old.a married woman.166cm tall, weight about 71 kg..i'm trying to lose my weight but still hopeless…what i eat ? morning i had fried mee..small portion,no lunch ..drink mineral water..if hungry eat 2 pcs of wheatmeal crackers and had dinner with chappati or a scoop of rice with vegetable and fried fish before 8p.m..but still i did not lose any night i'll do 1/2 an hour exercise dancing ….and i really sweating…what's when wrong…please tell me!!

  • ayu

    Dear Kevin…my name is ayu and i have weight problem since i was 13…now im 25years old…im 164cm and my weight been up n down for the last 2 years…its been 93-110kg…i want to lose weight…the problem is i get  easily bored  when it doesnt show result or when the result is not what i want or expected…tmy sister gave me ur ebook as a present so that i can lose weight…i think all my family member is worried bout my weight…my father even signup slimming program for question is do all the slimming program like london weight management, mayfair or slimworld really work…and do you have any program that will make me lose weight faster?n some pharmacies recommenden xenical for me…does it work?tq…

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