Here are a pic of Nami-Nami, a little addition to my family…….
She’s about 2 months old, half-persianbreed. Very manja I tell you, scared to be sorang-sorang, likes to nangis (hahahaha)…makan kena swap :D…. but is very comel.

Kevin Zahri

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  • Anonymous

    Alah alah comeynya.Better not show my son, he d begging me for one :).Good choice Kev.

  • krl

    bulunya macam tak berapa gebu..
    tapi masih comel..


    Abang Kevin,

    adorable macam tuannya jugak! :)

  • Anonymous

    bila besar nanti nami2 akan mempunyai bulu yang lebat dan cantik berkilat. u bai nami2 makan makanan kucing brand ape?

  • Kevin Zahri

    I give her IAM’s for kittens. 2x per day.

  • Anonymous

    hi nami2
    apa maksud nami2? pos la video kat youtube, boleh tengok-tengok nami-nami main-main, he he.

  • Anonymous

    i suggest u ajar dia makan nasi gak.hehe… IAM? apa tue? it’s price? it’s low salt?

  • Anonymous

    Someone told me u should not stick to one product, occasionally change to Science Diet, then back to IAM.

    Macam kitalah, hari-hari makan Nasi kan bosan jugak… sekali sekali nak la chicken chop, laksa..etc


  • wahdi

    Comelnya kitten tu, i baru jual my persian since tak tahan dgn bulunya…looking for british short hair…

  • Nezz

    Give Nami-Nami Friskies and she shall have prettier fur..

    By the way, what the heck does Nami-Nami mean??

  • Kevin Zahri

    Nami-nami? its from tsuNAMI :D

  • -kEn-

    like the blue eyes..btw something weirdla with name’s fur

  • Syafique

    Can I play with Nami Nami some day? I am not allowed to have a cat/kitten of my own…and I love cats/kittens.

    Nami Nami is VERY comel….


  • akubudaksetan

    I uSeD tO fEw hAvE pERsIaN cAtS bUt AlL oF tHeM eNdEd dEaD bEiNG cRaSh By My DaD’s CaR. I gAvE uP oN cAtS. nOw I lOVe My PooDlE nAmEd FiFi ;P

  • kristakish

    nami nami is SOOO comel!!! geram nyer!!

  • Nia

    errrr..’swap’? as in exchange foods?hehe.. i think u mean ‘suap’ which mean feed. :D :D

  • Myra

    I think Kevin meant suap…Itu la payah sket orang yang suka guna bahasa rojak ni..hehehe :p

  • zafi

    its cool!!! hahahahhaa

    nice cat…
    arghh allergic with the bulu…
    but i still touch it once geram..:P

  • aziya

    alahai… sangat chomel lar dia…. nami-nami…..

  • Roronoa Zoro

    wow cute kitten
    soft fur… soft fur..
    where can i get one
    kitten make a great fur coat
    chincilla is so 90’s

  • zaFiRaH-

    can i have it??
    im obsessed with catsss

  • ella medusa

    nami watanabe..heheheh..kind a very cute kitten..auuuWWW!!~~ :)

  • carina

    I tanya Japanese collegue, dia kata NAMI maksudnye OMBAK/WAVE … sebab itu tsunami tu ombak besar … tapi NAMINAMI maksudnye ORDINARY/SEDERHANA … jadi kiranya kucing ko sempoi la. Kalu NAMIDA pulak maksudnye TEARS/AIRMATA… yang mengalir bila tuannye kuar rumah …

  • Muid Latif

    send my hugs to Nami-nami.

    You might wanna check out this short clip (track: 01:49 – 02:04) and check out the scene when Saggat of Street Fighter do the Tiger Upper-Cut with it’s cute kitten..

    (language: parental advisory)

  • ella

    aik.. ni tucen kevin ke tucen si intan? hmmmm….

  • alamakkk….sama nama i lak… nasib baik le cute..haha