shocked indeedSure you all pelik how come this site keeps changing :D…I been toying around with different wordpress themes, plugins etc…..pening jugak. I think I’m finally settled on this theme (thanks to jsbox).

What’s next?

  • I gotta fine tine my very cool photo gallery
  • Make sure the lighbox plugin works the way I want to. (click on the image..)
  • customize this theme to suit me..

Kevin Zahri

I am a US certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Over the years, I have published over 10 books, written for Men's Health, other fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted TV shows and appeared on various TV shows, programs and magazines. I am also an avid corporate wellness speaker and web entrepreneur.

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  • guest

    cool site…..looks very neat.

  • Anonymous

    akum kev,

  • Anonymous

    akum kev,

    today i baru perasaan hujung kidah u looks like terbelah! u perasaan tak?

  • kevin

    hujung lidah look terbelah? hahahahah……u think lizard is it?

  • Jay

    You make my theme look so great :)

  • wah nice lah…
    full of expression!

  • kevin

    [quote comment=”881″]You make my theme look so great :)[/quote]

    All thanks to your great theme jay! Thanks for sharing. Awesome job.

  • fren

    orang tua-tua kata orang yang mempunyai hujung lidah yang kelihatan terbelah adalah baik untuk tuan empunya diri. what word come out from your mouth, people will agree dan listen it. in the future u will be a bos or great person. n it’s true.. coz one of my sibling have lidah like u. n now she be a great’s up to u want believe it or not. n maaf, saya tak berniat kata lidah u terbelah macam cicak…. hehe…
    all the best for u, kev
    see u again