Picture gallery of a talk I conducted for OXCEL Malaysia. The seminar was entitled "Internet Ventures"

Conducted a talk titled “Internet Ventures” yesterday at Bukit Tinggi. The event was organized by OXCEL Malaysia. The slides were an adaptation from Irfan Khairi’s.

The objective of the talk/seminar is to introduce the power of online branding and how any business can leverage off it by moving or starting their business online.

Had a great time meeting all kinds of interesting and talented individuals. Young, old, Malaysian, foreign…you name it. Thanks again to Dr Saiful & Ernest for having me there.

Here is the photo gallery

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  • mariah

    banyaknya gambar! yg tu siti ke?

  • jehan

    siti mana ada siti?

  • kl_dude

    bro kev,

    u also buat IT/internet talks ke? since when?

  • kl_dude – i’ve been in the web/internet/it line for while jugak la….just that people know me better as Cikgu Fitness. If you got time, check out my web hosting company

  • mariah/jehan – thats not siti, but looks like her. sweet gal.