Jom Kurus Team Leader Application

What is Jom Kurus?

Jom Kurus is a guided 6 week weight loss challenge. It is now entering the 9th season in Malaysia.
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When will the next Jom Kurus season start?

The next 6 week Jom Kurus challenge will kick of simultaneously in all participating countries on the 9th September 2017.

What is the role of a team leader?

A team leader’s role is to manage and lead participants over the 6 week challenge. Training are not everyday but minimum 1x per week. Most team leader conduct at least 2x trainings per week.

What are the advantages of becoming a team leader?

Aside from the additional revenue, the most obvious advantage is real-life experience to be part of an amazing program to help people who really want to change.

Can I run my own weight loss program during JK1M9?

If you are running a similar Jom Kurus program, as many trainers do, your own weight loss program must BEGIN before 24th July and END before 9th September 2017.


Do team leaders get paid?

Yes absolutely. You can earn up to RM10000 as Jom Kurus team leader. You will receive commission-sharing for each Jom Kurus participant joining your program.

Do I need to make payment to be considered as team leader?

No. No payment is required to apply or become a Jom Kurus team leader. As part of the family, you will also undergo a free train-the-trainer online program.

Must you be a qualified personal trainer or medical professional to apply?

No. Many of our team leaders are personal trainers, dieticians but many are weight loss success stories who would like to share their success and passion.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions, pls contact Kaka at 019 282 7820, Rohani 016 909 0001, leave us a message online or refer to

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