Yeah I know I’ve been a lil quiet these last few days. Whats been going on? Errrr nuttin too happening la the usual.


  • Book – slight delay with the launch (supposed to be this month) but since I was not entirely happy with the layout and presentation, we had to delay a bit…plus the “Apa Dah Jadi Dengan Amanah” has delayed the translation.
    • But that said, the book is looking awesome now…..I definitely won’t publish a book unless I’d buy it myself la ;) It all about quality not quantiti baby ;)
    • Once the book is in printing, next would be to design the web site for it.
  • Maxhosting – My new Web/IT company.
    • We are addin features and have partnered with various people like CreLoaded and GroupMail for eCommerce and email marketing products/services.
    • And obviousy we are working and assisting our current and growing customer profiles.
  • Other
    • Now got upcoming shoots for raya…yes they all start shooting now.
    • Doing some seminar and corporate talks.
    • Playing looooooooooads of tennis on weekends.

Thats about it everyone :D..nanti i’ll post lagi.

Kevin Zahri

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  • fren

    ok. but don’t forget let me know when ur book dilancarkan ye…..
    have a nice day…

  • You playing looooooads of tennis caused me to have read loooooooads of books, on weekends too.