What will happen to Proton

Proton LogoPerusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad – a company I know all to well… trust me I do. Proton seems to be selalu in the news – often for the wrong reasons.

Somehow the “takeover” or “transformation” talk is getting old and the company will continue to slide into nowhere until something drastic happens.

I truly believe that that Proton mempunyai potensi yang baik but things need to change and they need to change things  drastically & quickly.

The options presented Proton are..well….plenty also la. Each has its pros and cons.

But what do you think should happen?

Note: Did you know what Proton is not actually involved with the partnership discussions?! Its all about Khazanah and the government. Then again, you can call khazanah government also, right? ;)

Kevin Zahri

Hi, my name is Kevin Zahri or affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness. I am an award winning health and fitness influencer, wellness activist based Malaysia and founder of this regions largest weight loss movement called Jom Kurus ... oh and a member of MENSA.

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