Alrite folks, yesterday was one of the most thrilling wimbledon finals….since I watched Becker-Edberg classics as a little boy.

My man…..Nadal played awesome grass court tennis but was a little unlucky with the tie-breaks and not being able to convert the four break points in the 5th set.

Federer is good alrite but getting a little too poyo for me….why la does he have to wear that white suit after the final….and why la does he need to cry. Take it like man Roger!


Kevin Zahri

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  • me think nadal is mo cocky than federer.
    fedX is one hella sensitive guy, better he stop winning grandslam, or he’ll be blind from all that crying.

  • kevin

    [quote post=”153″]me think nadal is mo cocky than federer.[/quote]

    yeah probably but its part of his personality, in person he’s definitely not la (not that I’ve met him).
    The crying for federer was nice in da beginning but getting a lil too much now :D

  • hell shukri

    nadal memang nampak cocky atas court tapi dia taklah cocky sangat dalam real life especially masa press conference. dia always humble masa press conference. federer nampak cool atas court tapi dia agak cocky masa press conference, coz dia selalu macam puji kemampuan dia. tapi apa dia cakap base on fact. member aku kenal dia personally pun kata dia jenis tak cocky dan tak banyak cakap. federer pakai suit putih tu sebab part of the procedure, coz dia juara bertahan dan dapat pertahankan wimbledon.