Corporate Wellness Talks Malaysia

Kevin Zahri is one of the most sought after health and wellness speakers in Malaysia. Our talks are fun, energetic, interactive and practical.

Health Talks

Kevin is an experienced wellness speaker and conducts interactive seminars in both English and Malay on topics such as weight management, fitness, diet planning etc. Jom Kurus is Kevin’s most popular talk based around his well-known public program.

Exercise Programs

We conduct fun yet educational exercise and fitness workshops that range from simple aerobic sessions, fitness bootcamps, bodyweight exercises for the busy professional, core training and various outdoor fitness programs.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Are you looking to host a weight loss competition like The Biggest Loser? Employee health screening or a long term corporate wellness program for your organisation? Simply contact us and we would be happy to provide you with

FitsCool: School Programs

Obesity among the school children is something extremely alarming in Malaysia. Kevin conducts FitsCool a fitness, sports, games and nutritional workshops with schools to educate them from a young age to help make fitness cool.

Some of our recent talks

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MIA International Accountants Conference 2013 Lunch Talk

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Lunch health talk by Kevin Zahri together with pop singer Ferhad for the MIA International Accountants Conference 2013 held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre attended by over 2500 professionals from Malaysia and other countries.


Sapura Kencana 1 Day Wellness Day Bersama Kevin Zahri

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Program wellness bersama Sapura Kencana. Seminar kesihatan interaktif, demonstrasi senaman fitness, circuit training untuk eksekutif sibuk, demonstrasi menggunakan gym dan senam aerobik Zumba.


Futsal Fitness Untuk Cabaran Jom Kurus TV Alhijrah

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Sempena program Jom Kurus Assalamualaikum TV Alhijrah, kami anjurkan pertandingan futsal bersama 40 peserta untuk membaiki kecergasan dan juga tingaktkan pembakaran kalori.


Sime Darby Plantation Malaysia Lunch Health and Fitness Talk

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Berikut adalah gambar dari sessi lunch talk bersama Sime Darby Plantation yang bertajuk “Lets Talk Fitness”. Sessi tersebut bincangkan pelbagai topik kesihatan dan kecergasan seperti senaman ringkas, masalah berat badan, peranan suplemen, cara tingkatkan kecergasan dan pelbagai soal jawap.