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Corporate Wellness with Kevin Zahri

Looking to inspire your team to live healthier lives? Look no further than Kevin Zahri’s engaging and interactive health talks! As a renowned personal trainer, bestselling author, and motivational speaker, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his corporate health talks.

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Fun & Interactive

Health Talks

Kevin Zahri is well-known for highly engaging and interactive health talks that range from weight management, diet planning, mental health and much more.

Signature Workshop

"Kurus Masterclass" with Kevin Zahri is our signature 2-3 hour workshop made popular by our our award-winning Jom Kurus weight loss program.

Mental Health

We have a saying in our programs "kalau tak happy tak kurus". Dieting and exercise aside, mental health influences so many of our daily choices.

Biggest Loser

Corporate Biggest Loser

Enroll your employee in our award-winning weight loss “Biggest Loser” programs which are typically 30-day to up to 1-year long program with various in-house and online support and guidance.


Virtual Program

Our monthly challenges are hosted virtually via a vibrant community app, LIVE sessions and expert support.

Or Face to Face

Our Cabaran 30 Hari can also be customized as a face-to-face plus virtual program for in-house actvities and engagement.

Fun & Games

Fun Fitness Workshops

Kevin Zahri is well-known for highly engaging, fun and educational fitness and exercise workshops that focus on quality over quantity.

HomeWorkout 101

A workshop that guides participants build and execute quality home workouts from start to finish.

Fun & Games

Exercise does not have to be boring. We work in elements of fun, games and laughter into our fitness programs.

Corporate Wellness Services

Following are some of the signature programs that we provide as part of our corporate wellness offerings.

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Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker offers engaging and informative talks on topics ranging from nutrition and fitness to stress management and mental health. Book now for an unforgettable event!

Health Talks

Empower your audience with our inspiring health talks. Our knowledgeable speakers cover a range of topics, including disease prevention, healthy habits, and mental wellness.

Fitness Workshops

Get your body moving with our energizing fitness workshops. Led by experienced Kevin Zahri + team, we offer a variety of classes, including yoga, HIIT, and strength training.

Mental Health

Our mental health product, is designed to promote well-being and reduce stress. Our evidence-based tools and resources provide personalized support for your mental health journey.

Fit Kids

Our Fit Family & Kids sessions are designed to help families prioritize physical activity and healthy habits. Our fun and interactive resources make fitness a family affair.

Biggest Loser Program

Biggest Loser corporate edition. Designed to motivate employees and teams to reach their weight loss goals. Our fun and expert guidance make weight loss fun and achievable.

Virtual Programs

Virtual Health and Fitness Workshops product, designed to provide engaging and informative sessions on all aspects of wellness, virtually.

Year-Long Programs

Combine various programs and services for a long-term corporate wellness package with Kevin Zahri and team. Contact us today.

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