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Welcome to our corporate wellness page. Following is an overview of our various corporate wellness program offerings for the corporate, public, and educational sectors. Have a program in mind for your organization in Malaysia? Please download our corporate wellness brochure or contact us at your convenience via email or WhatsApp at 016-589-7820. We would be happy to hear from you.

For over 15 years, my fantastic team and I have been conducting highly interactive corporate wellness programs, health talks, exercise workshops, and a wide range of short and long-term engagements all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and its surrounding region involving more than a million participants. Our clientele ranges and previous events from multi-national corporations like AIA, KPMG, Bank Negara, Petronas, Shell, Maybank, and universities to governmental institutions including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and many other governmental institutions in Malaysia.

Together with our Bukan Soal Kurus program and NGO, our main fight has been against the rise of obesity in Malaysia which plagues every aspect of society including the corporate sector.

Virtual Programs

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have hosted and conducted hundreds of virtual LIVE workouts, health talks, weight loss programs, and sharing sessions involving over a million participants for various public, corporate, school, and nationwide campaigns like KBS Fit & Active and Bukan Soal Kurus with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Virtual health talks, webinars, and exercise workshops don’t have to be boring and one-dimensional. We are a tech-savvy bunch and use various platforms like Zoom, StreamYard, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and other eLearning platforms for a holistic “Kurus and Chill” experience.

Sample virtual corporate wellness programs: Health Talks, Home Workouts, 8-Week Bukan Soal Kurus Corporate Weight Loss Program, Disco Nights, Q&A forums, and discussions.

Health Talks

Over the years, my team and I have conducted hundreds of health talks and wellness seminars. What makes us different? No slides, engagement, and interactivity. We believe in engaging, guiding, educating, and empowering our audience through highly engaging sessions that cater to their needs. It is always essential in allowing them to be part of the process and discussions as ultimately, we are there to help them absorb, digest, and apply in their health and wellness journeys.

Popular Topics: “Bukan Soal Kurus”, “Let’s Build a Realistic Weight Loss Plan”, “Jom Bina Pelan Diet”, “Fitness for the Busy Professional”

Mental Health

Stress, anxiety and mental health disorders are at an all-time high. Long working hours, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles coupled with poor work-life balance is an ever-evolving mental health pandemic. Healthcare, family, work-life balance, exercise, sleep, etc are all intertwined in a complex dance called life. Life is a complex mesmerizing rollercoaster. Our mental health sessions focus on helping participants take ownership of their health, weight, strength, confidence, and life through education, awareness, motivation, and self-empowerment.

Popular Topics: “Tak Happy Tak Kurus”, “Kenapa Ramai Gagal Dalam Usaha Kurus”, “Take control of your Weight. Take control of your Life”

“Suka Hati Aku” is our self-empowerment slogan to help participants take onwnership off their lives, health and happiness.

Exercise Workshops

Oh, we have hosted so many super fun exercise workshops over the years. Beginner Bootcamps, beach workouts, fitness fiestas with over a thousand participants, school programs, dodgeball tournaments, endless educational corporate fitness workshops, and now, virtual home workout sessions for both the public, school, and corporate sector. Our exercise workshops are interactive, educational, and super fun sessions. It’s always an up close and personal experience. Download our corporate media kit for sample topics.

Popular Topics: “Home Workout 101”, “How to build a workout routine?”, “Perut Ku Tak Kempis”, “Bootcamp Warrior”, “Fitness Games”

If stress helps burn calories as they claim, I would have been a supermodel by now.

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Bukan Soal Kurus 6-Week Corporate Wellness Program

Our signature 6-week program. 100% Virtual or In-Person

Based on our award-winning national campaign, this is the corporate edition of our signature 8-week “Bukan Soal Kurus” (BSK) weight loss program ala “Biggest Loser”. It is a holistic corporate fitness, weight management, nutrition, and mental health program which includes dedicated coaches, LIVE Zoom sessions, workouts, WhatsApp, email support, and an incredible eLearning platform with over 200 videos, workouts, Q&A, discussion, and much more.

Our BSK program can be conducted as 100% virtual program, in-house, or a combination of the two. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, over 20,000 participants have joined our program nationwide with amazing success stories. With over 2,000 5-Star reviews and inspiring success stories that have graced newspapers and TV, you are in amazing hands.