kevin zahri

Who is Kevin Zahri?

Affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness, Kevin Zahri is one the most successful health and fitness experts in Malaysia. As a passionate advocator of health and fitness education, he is the founding creator behind Malaysia’s nationwide weight loss program called Jom Kurus. He has over 10 years experience as fitness trainer, corporate speaker, fitness writer, TV host and various personal appearances.

 Wellness Speaker

Kevin is a highly sought after corporate wellness speaker and conducts fun engaging seminars for both corporate and public sectors. Among his clients: Nestle, Shell, Exxon Mobil, HP, UMW, American Express, Bank Negara, Petronas Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia, Ministry of Health, Prince Court Medical Centre and many more

 TV Fitness Personality

Over the years, Kevin has hosted several fitness TV shows, was the fitness advisor for Malaysia’s popular reality show Akademi Fantasia, head trainer for Astro Bella Cabaran Jom Kurus and is a frequent guest on various TV and Radio talk shows to give his expert advice on various health and fitness topics.

Writer and Author

Aside from his on-going columns with Harian Metro, iSihat and other publications, Kevin is an avid health and fitness writer and has contributed to numerous publications such as Men’s Health, Shape, InTrend, iSihat and various newspapers. His personal website blog attracts some 10,000 unique reader daily.

40,000 Online Membership.

Kevin launched an exclusive online membership to access his bestselling eBooks such as How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks, 20 Malaysian Diet Plans, Jom Kurus Video series and dozens of educational video. Its focus is clear: Health and Fitness education for the masses.

Are you a member?

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Engage with Cikgu Fitness himself in a personal 1:1 online sykye session to help you get your fitness or weight loss goals on track. This is a 40minute session to help you answer any questions about weight loss, fitness, exercise, supplement etc. Note: there is a 50% discount for  JK1M contestants.

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