More Weight Loss Tips (Part 2)

This is the 2nd series of weight loss tips. Check out my first round of tips kurangkan berat badan.

Weight loss is probably the most popular fitness topic for most. Why? haha coz most people are struggling to stop or reverse their gradual weight gain. Following are some more tips for you.

  1. 1.

    Knowledge. Trust me, without proper understanding of how weight gain or weight loss happens, you can’t take control! Yes its all about taking control of your health, fitness and weight. How are you supposed to take control of your health, job or even life if you dont have the proper know-how. Its not as difficult as you think it is but do learn. Don’t just blindly follow people what others or the government tells you to do.

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    Realistic Goal Setting. Weight gain is typically a slow process. People may gain 10kg over 10 years. Problem is that most people wanna then lose all that weight in 10 weeks. Thats just not realistic. Especially you are not equipped with the know-how to lose the weight. My advice? Start with a realistic goal. Maybe aim for 1kg in a month and based on that success, set new goals. Dont think about 10 weeks or 10 months. Think about a lifetime.

  3. 3.

    Need Exercise?. Yes or no? haha. If you had the proper know-how, this is an easy one. Yes you can lose weight without ever doing a single exercise. Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit. Sure its easier with exercise but with a decent diet, you can lose weight without exercising.

  4. 4.

    Cardio or weight training? If you do wanna lose weight by combining exercise into your plans, both cardio and weight training are important. Cardio helps you burn extra calories while weight training ensure that you dont end of kurus kering 😉

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    Which is the best diet? I blogged about this recently – “What is the Best Diet”. You can choose any diet you like! My advice is that you 1. Choose a diet that you can sustain over a lifetime and 2. that you know why you have chosen a particular diet.

  6. 6.

    Malaysian diet sesuai? Yeah no problem. I personally maintain a very Malaysian diet. Its not the fault of the mamaks or the Malaysian foods. Its the fault of the choice we make. You dont have to choose nasi lemak every time you hit the mamak. Its about choices and striking a balance between good and bad choices. But again, you got to have the know-how to distinguish between good and bad choices.

  7. 7.

    Do supplements help? Yup they do but the keyword here is HELP. They dont work wonders. Dont be fooled by the before/after pictures. Understand that every supplement serves a purpose. Understand the ingredients and how you can incorporate these into your lifestyle. Remember – its nutrition and exercise first. Supplements come 3rd. Every supplement manufacturer will tell you the same (if you read the fine print)

  8. 8.

    Is there a secret to weight loss? Nope. Sorry to disappoint but there is no secret or shortcut to weight loss. Its all about the basics and taking control. Sure you can enroll in personal training sessions or slimming products but end of the day, educate yourself and look for long term solutions.

  1. Hey there,
    Love your homepage. Very informative. Keep up the good job.
    But I would like to share and i find it it’s pretty important to Weight Loss Tips and i find a lot of people fail or forget to do is a “Training Log”. It’s easy to create and it just take’s seconds to fill in.
    With training logs you can set much more realistic goals, Keep track with the current one and you would know what goals you should set next time. And what’s more inspiring you can see your result as you grow and that for me is an immediate Motivation.

  2. Kevin, congrats on this very informative homepage. I used to weigh 50kg…now it’s 54 kg!!! I think I really watch what I eat…but maybe there’s something wrong somewhere! Help!

  3. Hey Kevin.. Congratulations on this very informative/ knowledge website to share with people who care about their healthy and life. Thanks to you with all your courage and hard work to share life with us (your reader/ viewer).
    Saya Fieza dari Alor Star ingin mangajukan sedikit persoalan berkaitan kesihatan. Saya melakukan workout di gym 2/3 kali seminggu tetapi ada kalanya saya kerap menguap semasa bersenam. Setahu saya menguap menandakan otak kita kekurangan oksigen kan..
    Lagi satu persoalan, adakah kadar pepeluhan setiap individu berbeza walaupun melakukan aktiviti yang sama. Im waiting for your respon soon yea.. adiosss..

  4. i had a difficulty to read since it is white background with a dull font color. Do improve because ur website is very useful and informative.

  5. salam
    hai kevin, harap u sihat. dulu my berat is 125kg. but since last fasting month, i try diet tak makan nasi, banyak makan ikan dan sayur sahaja. n a fews months ago, kira2 3 bulan lepas baru i join the latest my berat is 108kg. saya harap pada bulan julai ini saya boleh turunkan berat kurang dari 100 kg. but i still have a big problem. terdapat banyak lemak disekitar bahagian perut dan ke bawah.. macamna nak tone up my body?lai satu gym yang i g sekarang bayaran bulan rm30, tap tak ada personal trainer. n recently i survey pusat gym yang bayaran bulana rm80, n ada personal trainer… so apa cadangan u?
    harap u boleh tolong me, bro…

  6. salam.
    i like too… but im stay out side of k.l. ok i try. how to meet u bro?

  7. hi kevin,
    This July, saya akan pergi mendaki Gunung Kinabalu for the first time! Tapi saya tak tahu macamana untuk membuat persediaan kesana. Sekarang saya cuma jogging 3 kali seminggu dan kegym cuma seminggu sekali. Semasa di gym apakah equipment yg paling berkesan digunakan utk mendapatkan kaki yg kuat.

  8. @sue – what you are currently doin is definitely good enough to climb mt kinabalu. if anything focus untuk kuatkan your calves, thigh n hamstring or you bole jogging uphill (if you are using a treadmill to simulate the accent.

  9. hai kevin, saya nak tanya berapa calories sepatutnya kita habiskan dalam satu hari untuk mempercepat penurunan berat badan. Berat saya 70kg, 152cm. Senaman menggunakan orbitrac sy hanya boleh 500 calories je dlm 30 minit. Harap kevin boleh jelaskan.

  10. hi kevin, berat saya 69kg, 153cm.saya ada masalah perut buncit.saya rasa ini masalah genetik krn kakak saya yang kurus juga berperut buncit. selain itu, kadar metabolisme saya juga rendah. saya ingin bertanya apakah jenis senaman yg sesuai utk lbh cpt mbakar lemak? adakah sits up dpt mbantu? bagaimana utk meningkatkan metabolisme?

  11. kevin
    personal consultation harga rm250 = buku free kan?
    tapi buku u i dah beli.. kalo tak nak buku tu lagi boleh?

  12. To Izan and everyone: When it comes to weight issue, a lot of people need to blame it on something or someone. It is easily blamed on GENETICS and we tend to believe that we get these “FAT” gene from our parents or further back in our family tree. I have heard: he or she is just BIG BONED, or the whole family is being built that way and more. I have heard it all.
    Even though i’m not a personal trainer but from my personal observation it is usually the lifestyle that need a lot of changes. A few changes in your lifestyle can result to HUGE differences. The changes to your lifestyle it’s depending on your commitment. If your head is still stuck with your genetic, you will have to start de-hypnotizing yourself with this rule that you have stuck in your head. If not you can never start loose weight.
    Let me share with you my personal story. Exactly a year ago my pants size was size 42 and my weight is is closing into 100kg. My diet consist with PLENTY of SODA, DEEP FRIED FOOD and falling SICK was a weekly routine. My knees were extremely weak and my ankle were always in pain and I couldn’t walk more than 1/2 hour.
    I knew i need to change but didn’t know how. Then I’ve watched “Run Fat Boy Run” and that movie changed my entire life. My wife supported me throughout the whole process from just Jogging and Band Exercise. Started asking around for Ideas working out and did “PLENTY” of research online. And a year have pass by and now i’m working out 3-4 times a week and my weight have been now 90kg and pants size have dropped from 42 to 36 by just a few changes in my lifestyle. I know i didn’t loose a lot of weight but i didn’t give up. Now i can wear clothes that I’ve dreamed to wear and and i will continue to push myself.
    “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.- Tony Robbins”

  13. Jake’s piece really good. congrats man. Me, i’ve been that road like you before. 107kg and 46inch pants, at 173cm. Diet was a no-no since i can’t give up my nasi lemak morning routine. Too busy to go to fitness center also.
    So what i did was Jog, Sprint and Walk around my neighborhood minimum 6km per day. 6 times a week, rest on Sunday. It only takes 45 minutes the most. The trick, i always go extra 200m everyday, just to surprise the body. Luckily i didn’t suffer any pain, except my will to overcome the laziness is so often the barrier.
    Not surprisingly, i down to 95 in 30 days. Mind you, i still go for carbo-load in the morning. Nasi lemak, roti canai, nasi goreng… u name it. Everything goes back to that “Engineering Equation”.
    Energy In < Energy Out (if u want to lose weight).
    Like Jake said, made a few changes in your lifestyle. What i did, i add just 45minutes of exercise everyday, and it REALLY life changing!

  14. hi kevin! could you tell me What is the exercise to get a good shape for my leg? i wish i can wear those skinny jeans! :’-(

  15. @Tanpa nama: Do Squat’s and calve raise those are my personal favorite but there are other’s like lunges, wall squats, reverse lunges and so much more. But don’t focus on just legs do some core exercise to go with lunges. It can help you improve on balances as well.
    @Vik: I can give you my e-mail but if your seeking for professional advice i’ll recommend you to contact Kevin. I personally went through a lot of advice from physicians and nutritionist to get to where i am now. btw here is my e-mail and ask for my IM details.
    @Kevin: I’m not too sure about your blog policies on disclosing of personal e-mail. But i do respect your decision if you were to delete my contact sharing part.

  16. Vik and Jake,
    too true man. Always contact Kev for professional advice. i myself had gone too many rigorous experiment/diet to see how my body respond to it. Medicine for me might be poison to you.

  17. fat?ermmm for me d most scary being fat is when i watched that movie…d movie with leonardo n johny depp had to burn down their home coz of their fat mum died…u all know d movie guys?still i bersusah payanh till now nak losing weight tapi…arghhhhhh

  18. Hi kevin,
    I like ur figure, smart guy!
    I have problem with my weight. My weight 62 kg and 161 cm height. Im still obese! The very hard part to lose weight at belly (abdomen lah ehehehee)
    Please suggest me some tips to lose weight. thankss…

  19. @kak ina: The movie your describing is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. I’ve did a little search and read the plot and it sounds interesting. Dig deep and find a real motivation to drive you.
    @Wani: If you read properly i think the “TIPS” can be found almost everywhere here.

  20. @Kevin: Hey no worries. Your blog here is actually contributing a lot already. I’ve got plenty of good tips from your page especially the Diet Comparison, which i highly recommend everyone reading that.
    And one more thing, i’ve e-mailed to your enquiry on gym equipment last week and have yet to get any reply. Any chance it went to junk ? Can you please re-check.

  21. hi kevin…..
    the calories counting helps me alot!!! now, im aware of what i eat daily….thx for your info…i worked so hard to reduce my weight before….from almost 80kg, now i can feel proud of myself by having 48kg (my height:158cm) tips??? I DIDN’T eat and FORBID myself from eating rice for almost 3 years till now….i replaced them with oats, fruits, vegies, n soup…its worked!!!! but in those times, my biggest problem was to reduce the fat in my arms…i swim a lot n go to the gym, but still it seems quite big, whereas all parts of my body reduce their size….but, im lucky they are not flabby, coz i think i build up muscle in my arms by working out at what to do?????

  22. @shadafnea: I believe your problem is called turkey arm and your not alone in this world. Do workout that focus on Tricep (Chair Dip, Overhead Tricep extension, Tricep Kickback and more) and shoulder (overhead dumbbell press, upright row and more). Alternate between tricep and shoulder workout.

  23. thanks jake….
    i always exercised with the dumbbells before, but i;ll try ur other suggestions…;P
    wish me luck in fighting with the ‘TURKEY ARM”.. hehe

  24. a’a jake..thats d title…oui takut laa..jakeee kak ina works hard,harder but last 5yrs my weight still same, tak turun nasi for me..jog everyday…but how laa?

  25. @kak ina: Have you been jogging everyday for the past 5 years ? Let me tell you that won’t work for ME. Cuz it’s boring and v.repetitive. Try and do something else in your workout. Get an elastic BAND. I bought mine from fitness concept. Why Bands firstly it’s CHEAP and they are great to work your upper body, like arms, back, shoulder and chest. A lot of people underestimate the bands but when you work with those, those suckers and make you sweat.
    Try and mix and match with workout. Don’t always hope that one workout is gonna work. If it doesn’t work TRY something else if that doesn’t WORK try something else.
    I have been mixing and matching my workout from Flexibility, Speed, Strength and Energy. So it doesn’t get too repetitive and it keeps me pumping

  26. where can i get an elastic band?how much jake?yup you are rite jake…jog is boring but thats d only exercise kak ina does…no money needed..maybe coz of my age, low in met` already..

  27. @kak ina
    kak ina shud try other things yang tak perlukan equipment.
    its been 5 years tu, mesti badan akak dah adapt.
    saya cadangkan tukar kpd circuit training. masanye pendek dan resultnye bagus 🙂

  28. hye guys,
    i’ve question.
    saye setuju yang joging is quite boring,
    saya mmg kawal pengambilan kalori dan
    if saya hanya melakukan senaman perut, kaki, dada, is it works untuk reduce weight?

  29. hallo kevin,
    im 15 year old…n brat plak 66kg tinggi 162cm…
    yg membimbangkan sya stiap thun berat saya akan meningkat 7 kg…
    bgaimana nk turunkn brat dgn cpat s'wktu rmaja…
    sya mlu ngan my friend…body mereka semua cantik..x mcm sya..
    hope u' can help me..

  30. turum berat badan 3-30 kg, dalam waktu singkat???
    gampang banget., apa lg tanpa efek samping dan garansi 30 hari.,
    hayo siapa yang mau???dan masalah kesehatan laen.,
    info lbh lnjut hub ika., 081945790303

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