Dewi: How I lost 10kg for My Wedding

How To Lose 5kgs in 5 Weeks for your wedding.
A personal weight loss success story how Nik Nor Rahimah lost 10kg. Her motivation? We got married on Feb 5th 2011 and wanted to look stunning in her beautiful wedding dress.
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Dewi @ Nik Nor Rahimah

[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”” text=”Anda Nak Kurus?” color_override=””][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]My starting weight was 61kg and now I am 51 kg. I have two phases of my losing weight journey. The first phase started back on the middle of 2008 until 2009 (about 6 months). The second phase started on 5th January 2011 until 30th January 2011 (3 weeks). Let’s see how my journey goes ok!
It started back on 2008 where I started dieting for the first time and I managed to lose 7kg in about 6 months. During that time, I dieted according to my minimal knowledge about losing weight. I only knew about counting the calories and that was what I did during that time. I kept on counting the calories I took. Approximately, I ate not more than 1000 calories per day. Most importantly, I only took rice once a week, I avoided oily foods and I avoided eating at night. That are the recipes for my weight loss during the time.
Until on December 2010, my parents decided to hand me into marriage on 5th February 2011 with my 4-years-in a relationship-boyfriend. I knew that I was not in the best shape and I determined to lose some more weight. And POP! Here comes “How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks” e-book.
Regarding to the e-book, I managed to lose 3kg in 3 weeks! I exercised everyday (err.. not really!) and controlled my food intake very strictly. I set my diet routine from 5th January until 31st January because I don’t want to keep on dieting until my big day. Hey! Give a break to the bride ok.

My 3 Weeks Weight Loss Recipe

So, Here are the recipes in my 3-weeks-weight-loss-journey!

  • Stick to non-oily food. I love to steam most of my food
  • Drink low-fat milk. It enhances our digestion system. Who doesn’t love flat belly rite!.
  • Took stairs about 40 floors per session (According to my calculation, I used 200 calories for that. Correct me if I’m wrong)
  • 30-45 minutes aerobic per session (uh oh I am so in love with LB Kass videos. Find the videos in youtube!).
  • Counted my calories to obtain calorie deficit that I wanted. Somehow, I am very bad in math. So, I jumped into conclusion… If I exercised (approx. to use 200 cal per day), I ate about 1000 cal per day. If I’m having I am-so-malas–to-exercise day, I reduced my food intake to 800 cal.
  • I kept myself motivated. I took my pictures and measurements every weekend to see my progress. Don’t ask about weighing myself. I did it every single hour!
  • Drank lots of plain water. i’ll make sure i drink a glass of plain water in the morning, in between morning-lunch, lunch, in between afternoon-evening, evening and night.
  • Ate Yong Tau Fu. Hehehe~

I think that’s it. I am now setting new a goal to have 48kg figure.
Wish me luck! Lastly. Thank you very much Kevin Zahri! May Allah bless your life! You are helping lots of people here!
P/s: I attach my 61kg and 51kg pics here.

    1. saya dlm weight tu skrg…..pernah turun pai 90kg ….yoyo diet. that last 3 year,now back to 109 :(.kalau nak dapatkan buku nie dimana ya? saya kat johor pasir gudang. target nk lose weight dlm 80kg pun ok la.nk kecik kan perut….ufffff.

  1. Dewi! Congrats girl on your wedding and manage to burn those bad fat!Haha. And thanks to you my friend, I started to get to know this websites and purchased the e-book!Wish me luck for my diet journey 🙂

    1. Thank u Mek! nGeeee~ good luck to u n konfirm dah turun dgn jayanya kan! how many kg dah turun? we'll have reunion at Maman's wedding eh? hehehe

  2. i've bought this e-book too. just dieting at first. managed to lose 3kgs. now i'm starting the aerobic exercise. hope to lose another 16kgs!

  3. congrate dewi…
    i hope i can do like u…
    but,sometimes…im cant motivate so tress..
    my weight now 72kg…tension!!!!!!

    1. Thank u Kamilah….
      Surely u can do this dear! Insya Allah.. Most important thing, keep the stress away or you'll eat more.
      two simple baby steps here that you can do is
      1) keep yourself moving.. walking do wonders u know!
      2) keep away from fried food.

  4. I have gained 4kg since returning home for good. Most friends prefer my new figure (previously I look skinny), but I don't really like the belly part of my body. I'm quite devastated looking at my abs… What should I do?

  5. Hi All! Just a continuation from my earlier comment above and some sharing of info.
    As stated, I started with 109.0 kg in June, and in Feb 2011 the scale showed 90kg. My body weight now is between 87.5 kg and 88.9 kg, depending on the time of the day and food intake. I have been overweight and obese since I was 11. By the time I was 15, my body weight had hit 100 kg already.
    The doctor's warning came in as the trigger point as both my ankles could not support my weight. I told myself that enough is enough and had to do something before its too late. I started to avoid eating rice most of the times, and substituted rice with other source of complex carbohydrates. I started taking oats, muesli, granula bars and drink milk – all of which I used to hate but now are part of my daily food intake. After Ramadhan last year, I enrolled myself in a gym near my house and started to commit 3 times a week for a combination of cardio and strength training. I even engaged a personal trainer to help me (still got another two sessions remaining).
    It was definitely hard at first but when I watched Biggest Losers programme on TV, I told myself "If these people could do the impossible, why can't I?". I started to do my own research on the internet, and thanks to various websites (including, I am now on the right track.
    I have two targets that I am working on to achieve:
    1. To have my weight loss experience be published in Menshealth Malaysia magazine (off course with "before and after" photos); and
    2. To compete in any marathon/ half marathon or something like it.
    Since losing weight, I have inspired a lot of people mainly family members, friends and colleagues to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

  6. im 70kgs now and i need to at least loose 10kgs and my wedding is in December.Im freking out now if i can ever loose that much in this few months.been going to gym twice a week but nothing!!! 🙁

  7. dear kevin, i wanna ask. If i dont want to eat rice, what is the best replacement that i can eat? Which one is better, rice, bihun, roti or kuey teow (of the same am0unt)?

    1. Aktins diet? My comments are this:1) Yes you will most probably lose weight2) a no carbohydrate diet is NOT sustainable long term. How long can you really go without rice, pasta, fruits, chips, potatoes, bread?! So if it is not sustainable long term, it will also not help you lose/maintain weight for the long term 🙂

      1. and Atkins has filed for bankruptcy recently, what does it tells us? its not working! (although the west is coming up with new diet nowadays, so called 'kate middleton diet' to help the incoming princess loose some weight)

    1. Kalau anda ingin membeli ebook tersebut, hanya perlu bank-in RM20 ke mana2 akaun berikut:Maybank 514057176216 (Maxtrition SB) atauCIMB 12410001487209 (Kevin Zahri)Tapi, kalau andai nak beli kesemua eBook saya (ada dalam 11 eBook) dan sekaligus dapat upgrade percuma untuk eBook2 akan datang, anda perlu bank in RM40 sahaja.Nanti selepas dah email pengesahan pembayaran, eBook akan diaktifkan dalam beberapa jam untuk dimuat-turun. Let me know sekira anda ada apa2 pertanyaan.Regards,Kevin

      1. kevin..if i want to purchase it it still available? and the price would be the same which is rm20 or rm30?

  8. This is indeed very important, losing weight is very important when you are about to get married. you need to be at the best shape for you wedding. there are lots of weight loss tips at

    1. yes 800 is too low for me as well. But just to make a note, calories needs for the avg asian differ from say westerners as we are smaller – hence have lower calorie needs.

  9. Hello
    Saw the weight lost journey from really inspiring people here! Well done peeps!! Just thought I’d like to share some of my own.
    Just like to share how I lost 10kg in one month (that is during Ramadhan time). 85-75kg 44-35-46inches to 42-34-44inches
    1. No sahur – just 1 litre of plain/ warm water
    2. Walk to Lrt station and climb stairs at the Lrt.. office was at 21 floor so I didnt think it was wise to take the stairs during this time ;p
    3. Buka puasa – small amount of rice (very small like 4-5 suap only ok)/ veges/ lauk
    4. Have warm water an hour after buka puasa
    5. 10pm or before you sleep every nite- do light excersice – I did these in sequence for each song on my ipod (warm up/light stretching/ lari setempat-1 song/ salsa basic steps-2 songs/ squat-1 song/ belly dance basic – 1 song/ lari setempat faster this time – 2 songs/ salsa basic – 1 song/ squat-2 songs/ stretching)
    6. After you rest go for a shower
    7. On the bed – put a pillow behind your waist then start to raise up ur legs like you are cycling a bicycle- 1 song/ both legs up and open and close – 1 song/ raise leg alternately like you are walking – 2 songs/ stop and stay in position with pillow on back for 1 song
    8. Wake up from bed and before sleeping – drink detox tea or green tea
    After Ramadhan diet – I’ve managed to loose another 15kg within the duration of 3 months from 75-60kg with body measurement of 38-30-40inches by continue to do the same thing above except that now I have added or replace
    1. oats for breakfast,
    2. sandwich tuna/ chicken for lunch
    3. sauna to my schedule – no excercise at the gym as I do not feel comfortable doing in public ;p
    4. using 1kg dumbell during my night time excercise to firm up arms
    5. drink plenty of water of course
    I used songs to measure the time of each steps as looking at the watch to see how many minutes I’ve been working out is rather difficult to keep up.. ;p songs are more enjoyable..
    I’m looking at losing another 5kg in the next few months to achieve my ideal weight at 160cm height.Hopefully I can make it! ;p and loose some inches to my butt! lol ;p

  10. salam.
    sy nak kurus cm akak dewi jugak. wut should i do? now my weight is almost 70kg.. its so scary.. sesapa boley tlg? pls..

  11. kevin.. saya dah buat payment rm40 for the ebook all in one package.. agak2 bila dpt ebook tu yea? tak sbr nak kurus mcm org2 yg dah guna ebook kev nih.. 🙂

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