Ethics Statement

Dear potential sponsor, collaborator & partner,

As I highly value the trust and relationship that I have with my audience, please read the following ethical guidelines that I uphold for potential sponsorships, paid reviews, social media postings, and/or other content creation and collaborations.

As you can see from my website, community campaigns, and social media channels, “sponsored content” are generally rare. If I choose to work with a particular brand or company, it will always be because I actually use the product or service myself and genuinely trust the company to provide excellent customer service & support.

With that in mind, the following are a few additional points for your reference and kind understanding:

  • In my postings or videos, I will always make it clear that such content is sponsored.
  • Unless previously negotiated and agreed upon, the Intellectual Property of my content is my own. The client may not repurpose the content created without prior consent.
  • My videos may not be re-uploaded or re-purposed without prior consent. If consented, they must strictly adhere to the duration, channels, and usage that was previously agreed on.
  • Boosting of posts by either side (mine or clients) requires prior agreement and mention.
  • Unless previously mentioned and agreed, I will not sign any contracts or agreements for relatively simple content creation and short-term (less than 6 months) campaigns.
  • Non-Competitive clauses or discussions must be pre-negotiated and discussed.
  • My reviews are always as objective as possible and my opinions are always my own. I will not say something I don’t personally believe in.
  • If you send me a complimentary product or sample does not mean I will review it or feature it in a video, IG story, post, etc.
  • Unless I did not adhere to the guidelines provided, I do not reshoot for video or photography. It is the client’s responsibility to provide clear and specific guidelines.
  • I appreciate when companies offer information about their products/services, but I will only include what I think is relevant and necessary in any content I create.
  • If there are conflicting speaking, writing, or review points, I will work to seek answers for anything about a product/service that I don’t fully understand.
  • I will deliver the message and review in my own tone and will not follow a script. You may provide speaking points or highlights for my reference only.
  • I do not provide storyboards or pitch ideas for a particular post, photo, or video.
  • A client may provide attire/branding guidelines but I will be wearing what feels appropriate to me and suits the content of the video.
  • I prefer to shoot and edit the videos and photos myself.
  • To save everyone’s time, for captions and descriptions, clients are required to provide a sample caption which I will reword, if needed, to suit my style and narrative.
  • I do not guarantee any number of views or any amount of audience engagement on any videos or content. While I want everything I create to ‘“perform” well, there are too many variables beyond my control for me to make any claims regarding potential viewership.

Lets Work Together

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my Ethics Statement. This does not cover every possible scenario but should convey how highly I value the integrity behind what I do and the relationship with my community.

For more information about how to collaborate for posts, content, sponsorships, or collaborations, feel free to contact me via or WhatsApp at 0165897820.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Zahri
Cikgu Fitness Anda