Questions about Whey Protein

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1) I am 168cm and 71kgs, I wanna to tonned up my body and convert those extra meat to muscle. I am currently start workout at True Fitness. I also bought the Optimum Whey Protein. Normally I take 1 serve early in the morning (before gym) and 1 serve after gym. If no workout on that day, I will take 1 serve. Is that the correct way?

- yeah that’s ok but make sure you get carbs into your pre & post workout meal as well for your weight training sessions.

2) Someone told me I should take Whey Protein with Ripped, What is that?
- Ripped? Sounds like the Horley’s product. Hmmm…don’t actually know what’s in it but I would comsume whey with carbs (separately pun ok). Or combine with supplements like glutamine or creatine (look for these ingredients ). The actual marketing/label name is not so important. Its like salt…salt is salt no matter what the packaging says.

3) What else you recommend me if I wanna to reduce some weight and firm my body?
- reduce? Hmmm you gotta take care of your diet and training. Fat burners work but they are not magic supplements.

4) Is that any other supplement like vitamin i need to take?
- I would definitely recommend a Multi-Vitamin to take care of you micro nutrition needs.

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