Akademi Fantasia vs the Rest

Why is AF such a hot cake in town?! It’s probably not only thanks to the student’s talents but because it appeals to the Malaysian audience! Period. Aside from the obvious, it’s about togetherness, caring, drama, connecting with the audience, and creating the success story everyone dreams about!

Channel 15. It’s because of Channel 15 that people get so attracted to the lives and personalities of the students. In no other reality show (except for Big Brother which is not shown here) that people can tune in to the lives of their favorite pelajar. That I think gets people all wrapped up because they get to see them “grow” over time. Hence the attachment part takes place.

Kerjasama. The great thing about every AF concert is that you see all the students “helping” each other during performances…either by being back up singers, play instruments together, dance, etc. That’s what the Malaysian spirit is all about, working together. This jives well with our cultures and people like that (I do too!)

FAMILY MAESTRO. I think we the whole infrastructure that Astro possesses, they have a great platform to launch the careers of not only the winner but the whole bunch. In most other competitions once the competition is over, that’s pretty much it. The winners go on doing their things BUT with AF you continuously get to see them TOGETHER during hari raya, events, etc. Again it’s that family togetherness that is greatly appealing to the Malaysian audience. Not only for 1 season but across the seasons as AF generations perform together.

SUCCESS STORY. Everyone loves fairy tales. And AF (and most other shows) do allow just about anyone (regardless of background) to shine. Welcome to Malaysia: the land of opportunity πŸ™‚

All in all, most reality shows are very popular but no one comes close to AF as they have a recipe that really other than Astro (in Malaysia) can pull off.

PS: This Lil entry got its inspiration from my involvement with AF this year as Cikgu Fitness

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