I wanna lose weight…help me!

Q: I umur dah 29, female. My problem is i keep on gaining weight eventhough i rasa i tak makan banyak. I eat one or twice a day, no more than that. Tapi selalunya I makan sehari sekali (lunchtime).. malam I amik roti with butter or keropok je..And i do take rice. I love lauk ayam too.. especially fried chicken. I admit I memang suka fried foods and tak favor steamed or boiled foods.I makan nasi pun tak de la banyak.. kekadang satu mangkuk kecil.. kekadang less. But I've gained about 8 kilos since last September 2005. And I'm so worried about that, now my weight is around 65-65 kilograms while my height is only 153cm.. Wanna get some advice from you. I really2 wanted to lose weight. Please advice.

A: Thanks for the email. TO answer your questions:

As you get older, it’s easier to gain weight as

  • Your metabolism slows down naturally
  • Usually, we become less active. Hence the body doesn’t require as much energy (food)

You are not eating enough!

  • Since you hanya makan 1-2 kali sehari, your body ia seolah-olah in puasa mode and slows down, thinking it needs to preserve energy, the result? You feel lethargic and well, hungry!
  • When you’re hungry you’ll usually memilih makanan yang kurang elok. Its all about controlling your nafsu!
  • My advice is to eat small & balanced meals 5-6 times a day. This way your body is processing food consistently dan basically “heatup” and raises your metabolism

What you should do:

  • Eat consistently (small but balanced meals 5-6 times a day)
  • Try to include some physical activity in your week. Pick something you can enjoy.
  • Cuba kurang makanan yang anda tahu tidak akan menolong you. This is all in your hands to remove! Once you can control your cravings, it’s a lot easier to make to eliminate and better choices! Example: never go grocery shopping bila you lapar. U’ll surely pick the “wrong foods”…like going to the pasar ramadhan during puasa! 🙂
  • Go for whole carbs like wholegrain etc…these will give you
  • Give yourself time. It took a long time for you to gain weight….losing weight ideally should be a slow process as well. That way you masih bole enjoy your life & food and also can adjust your lifestyle (termasuk pemakanan) supada anda dapat mengamalkannya untuk long term!
  • Supplements like whey protein or fat burners membantu but only sekiranya anda dapat mengawal pemakanan secara am!

Hope this helps!

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