Slimming/Toning Your Face!?

How to have a beautiful shape of the face. i mean slim and look more healthier than usuall.?
What is the right way (the best type of exercise) that can make my face look more slim and nice shape.ok.thats all my answer. please reply, my very handsome friend.

Thanks for your email. Generally I can say 2 (well 3) things about “slimming” your face:
Your overall shape is obviously determined by your genes and bone structure. This includes the way your body stores fat. Usually for Caucasians they tend to maintain a slimmer face although they may have beer bellies. While Malaysians may naturally have more of a baby-face (chubbier). That said, you can still have a chiseled face by reducing your OVERALL body fat. Eventually your body will tap into the reserve you keep underneath your cheeks etc.
Workout your Face Muscles:
By this I’m not talking about lifting weights but merely by chewing gum (sugarless if possible) and laughter.
Extra: Facial Treatments
This is something women seem to be into lately. I’m not expert in this area but there are treatments available (injections etc) to “lift” or “tone” your cheeks, face etc. Would I recommend this? Well its a permanent solutions and it costly in the long term. End of the day its a personal choice.

Hope this helps.


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