Do you need MultiVitamins?

I’d definitely recommend them to everyone, regardless of age or level of activity. Why? Coz it saves you the headache of having to “try” to get all your micro-nutrients from regular food & they are CHEAP!

Which brand? Doesn’t really matter…..just make sure you stick to basics and get a daily cap supplements that suit your age lifestyle and yeah maybe your gender as well.

How much? I’d stick to those that’ll cost me about RM1 or less per serving.

  1. hey kevin, mind if i ask, u were in which mrsm back during your years ? well, i’m now in my last year at mrsm tun ghafar baba(formerly known as mrsm jasin). kinda excited to know that u were an ex-mrsm student, so gd luck in life. take care !

  2. yes i was….have been approaching mrsm schools to conduct talks with their respective form 5 students….
    on live expectation after form 5 etc… if you’re interested, you can run it by your school office (principal) and let me know…
    can email me @

  3. u must be surprised to see me here,sorry if strangers are not allowed.To tell the truth,I saw ur blog addy somewhere looong time ago,and now happen to take a visit,it’s a nice blog I should say.Anyway,I’m still a pelajar at SMKA Tok Jiring in Trg,so tell me whether or not u mind having me here,hahaha.Ohh,do I need MULTI vitamins?Boleh la…I mean my mom keep saying that I need ’em.As for me,susah dan liat nak makan…hahaha..maybe ur Mr. Advice and would like to give me some advices???I guess I have to go,hope u don’t mind seeing me here(dah jadi takut ni)..and hoping to see u in my blog(I got one too but not as ‘adult’ as urs)It’s,if ur free,visit me there and yes,please leave comments so tht I know u’ve been there(U can marah me too if u feel like :)..ohhh,also sorry menyusahkan…dah la dtg tnpa diundang,then request something pulak tu,sorryx1000000!Oh,again I feel like a monster!

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