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Hey all,

Today is the unofficial launch of – my Malaysian based web hosting company.
Yeah a lot of people don’t actually know that I’m a huge IT/Web freak and this is a nice way to get started….you won’t necessarily find any info on me within in the site as I nak fokus on the products and services that we are offering.

Jadi, if you are looking for simple linux based webhosting, domain name registration, SSLs and other web services, do give a shot.

and macam biasa, if you tak sure how to start and have any questions, just drop us an email we’ll get you moving forward for FREE 😀 (also for after sales support).

And hey, if you have any constructive feedback to give, please do 😀
Just note that we still working on some additional features. Otherwise its operational.

Kevin Zahri

I am a passionate educator and advocator in helping Malaysians live better, healthier, stronger, and happier lives. Ingat, ia bukan soal kurus.

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