theSun – Kevin Zahri: Fitness Enthusiast

thesun_kevin.jpgThere is a write up in today’s (11th July) theSun on me entitled, “Kevin Zahri- Fitness Enthusiast”
It talks about my fitness habits/style, my background & work and also touches on my upcoming health & fitness book, “Fitness 24/7”.
To view the article online, click here
To download a pdf version, right click here (coming soon)…..

  1. hi kev. i have one question for u. harap u tak kecik ati ler… i just want to ask about ur nationalty. u are….. ( kalo nak jawab, jawab ler… kalo tak, what can i do?)

  2. yeah semestinya malaysian 🙂
    but born as a german……my dads malay and after we moved back here I gave up my german citizenship. Not that I had a choice la

  3. ok thank.sebab i ingat u born at german. so i keliru about ur citizenship. opps…lupa ler. u kan dapat proton biasiswa, so must be u are malaysian. do u know why i ask u? coz after that u can still be model iklan malaysia, right? see u again…
    satu lagi…. naper u tak banyak ceta about ur twin? i suggest u wat satu coretan kenangan manis pasal ur twin…. believe me ramai orang kat luar sana nak tahu pasal that. maaf ler maybe my cadangan susahkan(sakit) u. but sharing kenangan manis dan pahit to each other kan baik untuk kita semua. tu gunanya wujudnya perhubungan sesama manusia(kawan),kan? good for all. sila pertimbangkan cadangan saya

  4. oppsss…. salah ker info i? i tak sure my may be ur abang atau adik… kalao tak silap lagi ler…. tapi bukan ker u ada buat statement u ada twin? tak per ler… i silap baca kot…
    soli yer…

  5. hey u should open your own gym or fitness center or stuff.
    i think malaysian begin (if not already) associate you with fitness thing.
    you are a brand.
    just a thought.

  6. hi kevin,
    i nk tanye u ade wat training session x?
    what i mean is loose weight nyer training
    i ni gemuk nk sgt kurus
    tp i x tau mcm mane care die
    kalo bleh u ajar lah i mcm mane nk kurus. lg elok kalo ade personal trainer mcm u
    pakar mknan lah kate kan
    ni no tel i 0173670417
    call me

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