Q: Can we lose weight through “dance” classes?

nikedancemoves.jpgIn short, yes you can. How much you’ll lose depends on how long you perform the classes, the intensity, you weight and obviously how much you eat opposed to your calorie needs :D. You can lose weight doing just about any exercises…..you could even lose weight without doing any exercises at all 😀

Its all about burning (“calories out”) more calories than you are consuming (“calories in”).

2 Ways to Lose weight

You can lose weight in 2+1 ways:

1. Reducing your food intake (calories in)
2. Increasing your calorie output
2+1. Combination of the 2.

So how do dance classes fit into this picture?

Exercise like “dance classes” burn more calories. Energy you burn comes from the food you consume and stored. The more you do throughout the day the more energy you’ll burn. The “more you do” part could be anything from walking, climbing, tennis, squash, standing as opposed to sitting etc. The more active you are, the more calories you will burn opposed to remaining sedentary.

So again, yes you can lose weight through exercise as it will help you burn more calories. But it doesn’t help that if you increase exercise and then increase your nasi lemak intake at the same time. 🙂

How many calories will you burn in “dance” class?

exercise.gifThat depends on various factors like

  • Your body weight – the more you weigh, the more you burn
  • Intensity – more intense, more you burn
  • Duration – obviously lagi lam…you’ll burn more.
  • Sex – men tend to burn more.

Following is a great exercise vs calorie vs weight chart for reference.

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