Top 10 Questions For Getting Abs

abs.jpgAbs are hot today, yesterday and probably forever….unless of course we go back to the days when having “1 ab” was hot :D….i dengar in some countries it still is.

  • Want abs? Then you need to get rid of that layer of fat antara your ab muscles and skin. 1000s of crunches won’t help unless you get rid of the layer of fat
  • How to remove the fat? Through diet and cardio exercise…not crunches. Skinny people who never do a single crunch have great abs coz they have little fat covering them
  • Can you spot reduce fat from you tummy? Nope sorry tak bole.
  • No fat but sitll no abs, kenapa? If you carry too much water pun tak bole…..avoid salt/sodium in your diet to get rid of the softness.
  • How do i tell whether its water or fat? Test it. Fat should wobble/getar when you tarik da skin…water has little elasticity.
  • bruce.jpgSo should I stop crunches? Nope don’t. Training your abs 1x or 2x seminggu sudah cukup. 2-3 exercises with 3 sets per exercise is enough…..also don’t neglect your lower back to balance your core (abs+lower back) strength
  • How many sets/reps? Focus on high repetitions around 15-25 per set….unless of course you want bigger/thicker abs than you probably wanna crank up da weights dan diversify your repetitions etc.
  • What about fat burners? Yeah they don’t hurt but you can’t spot reduce fat from your tummy alone.
  • Do as-seen-on-tv gadgets work? yeah they do..just like any other ab exercise works jugak la. but despite of what they tell you, they won’t burn away the fat….but they’ll train your abs.
  • What about my love handles? again you tak bole nak spot reduce….as you lose fat from your overall body, sooner or later…..your body will burn fat from your love handles too….for most this happens last 🙁

Good luck ya’ll 😀

  1. hi
    i miss visit ur blog. how are u, kev? may Allah bless u, fren.interesting topic. i also dream to have ab muscles like that. i wish…. now an d forever

  2. Thanks for the tip..
    i. go to cardio class
    ii. resistance exercise
    iii. diet
    normally how long to the whole process, I know it varies from person to person, but say an average person who follows the three above.. how long? 3 months?

  3. dani – thats right, u need all 3. how long will it take? well that depends on:
    1)where you are today
    2)your knowledge on doing it right
    3)you disciplin
    Shay – rough guideline, below 13% should be a good starting point.

  4. I’m planning to buy Dymatize Mega Milk.. basically to build some muscle and burn some fat..
    I go to gym 3 – 4 times a week, I normally start with treadmill, then go to weightlifting.. all these for 30 to 45 mins, I will finish the session by attending class either on RPM or body pump or yoga.. for 1 hour..
    Do you think I need to buy the supplement?

  5. Dani – you definitely need “food” around your weight training. “Food” here refers to protein + carbs for energy and to prepare your muscles. That said, unless you can bring chicken or eggs to the gym, yeah supplements like Dymatize Milk or other protein supplements help tremendeously.

  6. Hi Kev,
    I have been doing some reading about loss weight, fat burn, and i just realised that it is quite difficult to get a nice abs and descent body shape.. I even encountered a website saying that supplement is a waste of money.. i read that if you diet too much, will reduce your metabolism and even even you exercise it still won’t, i’m confius and sad..
    any suggestion?

  7. Dani –
    “supplements is a waste of money” only if you neglect your nutrition and training. As I mentioned, supplements don’t work magic but they can assist.
    “if you diet too much, will reduce metabolism…” yes thats true. hence you should still eat 5-6 times a high to keep you metabolism up. What important is the types of food you eat.

  8. kevin, i always have problem with my tummy , being anak mami it seems to be a family trait. i’m not sure its genetic or not but when i was skinny 49kg @ 5’2″ i still cant get rid of my tummy fat ( well at that time i call it baby fat, well cant call that now as i gained weight and it become a mother of all my fat).
    so what do you think the reason behind it. and if its genetics what special work out should i do?

  9. hello bro… what can i do to make my hand’s wrist bigger? it seems very small that my fren can easily lock my movement while playing soccer, by holding my wrist yang kurus keding ni…

  10. You forgot to scare the women… Won’t the fact that losing fat means reducing their cup-size too? Hahahaha… So, pompuan kena pilih, tight abs or landasan kapal terbang… Hmmmm….

  11. hi en kevin, i mmg tgh alami weight prob (mungkin)
    dah beratus kali cuba ckp nk diet n try to reduce mkn nasi. tp cuma bertahan bebrapa ari aje. perut dah membuncit mcm mengandung 6 bulan. my weight now stood at 90kg n tinggi 5’7″..umur 35thn…
    boleh tak u terangkan apa sarapan yg perlu diambil,sbb i slalu skip b/fast… n mkn tak menentu..
    adakah nasi itu penting?
    bagaimana dgn mkn mlm.? adakah pengambilan spaghetti kosong tu bagus utk menggantikan nasi??
    dan apakah jadul permakanan yg bagus utk i praktikkan..
    Thank You..

    1. bro you makan nasi pagi je tengahari makan roti gandum malam pulak x yah makan atau makan roti gandum je try sebulan @ 2 bulan . ^_^

  12. salam……saya ingin bertanya satu soalan….saudara kevin zahari…..saya seorang pemuda tinggi dalam 168cm dan berat badan dalam 67kg,pada pendapat awak berapakah berat ideal untuk saya..

  13. “Skinny people who never do a single crunch have great abs coz they have little fat covering them ” sound make sense 😉
    ladies tend to have thick layer of fat – what type of food that help to promote abs appearance??

  14. Quote from Achmad Zachry “what can i do to make my hand’s wrist bigger? it seems very small that my fren can easily lock my movement while playing soccer, by holding my wrist yang kurus keding ni…”
    I have the same problem as well. The size of my wrists are small and in a way they look not proportional with my big body size. How do I make it bigger? Thank you.

  15. Hai keviz. I really want to knw ur opinion. Im not fat but I hv big tummy. It’s really obvious if I wear tight Clothes. My height is 5’3 and weight is 53kg. U said we must eat 5 times a day but I really don’t knw what to eat..and confused bout the menu. Maybe u can tell me regarding d menu and what food should I take daily.. Thanksss..

  16. How I wish I can just lose the weight dululah then we can talk about abs…I mean, to lose weight alone is so hard…
    i guess my diet must be really wrong tho’ sigh!

  17. hello kevin. i’m interested in having abs. but i think the last time i active in sports was…..5,6 years ago? huh. very long rite? but evnthough i’m not exercising or playing, i nvr get fat, i thought it might be bcause of my metabolism. i get sweaty easily, always feel want to eat, but nvr fat. my height is 165cm and 57kg weight, which can b considered as berat badan ideal. so my question is, where should i start? i knw nothing about fitness. i hav once bought rodale’s men’s health magazine, but i thinks the fitness level mybe too high for beginner like. plz help me…

  18. bagaimanakah cara yang saya bleh buat bagi meningkatkan ketinggian saya?adakah pengambilan suplemen dan lain2 bleh membantu meningkatkan ketinggian saya?dan apakah cadangan saudara bagi membantu saya meningkatkan ketinggian saya?

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