Top 10 Questions For Getting Abs

abs.jpgAbs are hot today, yesterday and probably forever….unless of course we go back to the days when having “1 ab” was hot :D….i dengar in some countries it still is.

  • Want abs? Then you need to get rid of that layer of fat antara your ab muscles and skin. 1000s of crunches won’t help unless you get rid of the layer of fat
  • How to remove the fat? Through diet and cardio exercise…not crunches. Skinny people who never do a single crunch have great abs coz they have little fat covering them
  • Can you spot reduce fat from you tummy? Nope sorry tak bole.
  • No fat but sitll no abs, kenapa? If you carry too much water pun tak bole…..avoid salt/sodium in your diet to get rid of the softness.
  • How do i tell whether its water or fat? Test it. Fat should wobble/getar when you tarik da skin…water has little elasticity.
  • bruce.jpgSo should I stop crunches? Nope don’t. Training your abs 1x or 2x seminggu sudah cukup. 2-3 exercises with 3 sets per exercise is enough…..also don’t neglect your lower back to balance your core (abs+lower back) strength
  • How many sets/reps? Focus on high repetitions around 15-25 per set….unless of course you want bigger/thicker abs than you probably wanna crank up da weights dan diversify your repetitions etc.
  • What about fat burners? Yeah they don’t hurt but you can’t spot reduce fat from your tummy alone.
  • Do as-seen-on-tv gadgets work? yeah they do..just like any other ab exercise works jugak la. but despite of what they tell you, they won’t burn away the fat….but they’ll train your abs.
  • What about my love handles? again you tak bole nak spot reduce….as you lose fat from your overall body, sooner or later…..your body will burn fat from your love handles too….for most this happens last 🙁

Good luck ya’ll 😀

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