Day 1 – Pass! … Selamat Berpuasa

Caricature rayaahhhh…the time now is 3:35am!….i know i know….kenapa tak tidur lagi?!? Coz its puasa month so to all of you, selamat berpuasa 🙂
So really why am I up so late? Kerja. Usually for the first few days of puasa, I sure headache (dehydration and no kopi) so susah sikit to kerja while berpuasa…..jadi I gotta kerja (blogging pun kerja la kot)….
So I’m gonna sahur in a bit, sambil2 tengok TV.
Ok everyone, i’ll keep ya’ll posted on my puasa progress 🙂 Target this year: Puasa Penuh! hahahaha betul la and not to forget terawih (malam tadi dapat dah).

Again…selamat berpuasa to everyone 🙂

  1. kev,
    lambatnya u tido…. tak ngantuk ker kat ofis..
    nice to hear ur target this year… :).nape x tadarus @ read tafsiran jer malam2 mcamnie… penghayatan lebih baik coz sunyi sepi lated night…:)(pahala berganda2) have a nice day my fren.

  2. salam kev,
    yeah i know that. no body perfect in this world (termasuk saya)..
    wbagaimanapun, selamat berjaya. take care u self fren. see u again….selamat

  3. Hi Kev! I’m starting a blog which is quite similar to yours. In fact, I took the pic of abs from your blog, I hope you don’t mind. Just wondering if we can exchange link. Thanks. Selamat berbuka!

  4. salam kev,
    Thank you, kev. Yesterday is 23/9. No body wish happy birthday to me yesterday include my bestfren . maybe everybody busy with their own life…. 🙁 sedih gak.. salam

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