How I lost 6kg in 3 month without exercise!

Wanna learn how I lost 6kg in 3 month without any exercise? Ingin tahu cara weight loss yg berkesan? Find out here.

This believe it or not happened against my will. Biasanya my berat is around 68kg. Just before puasa….my weight was 62kg. Good? Well not really…but i expected to lose weight.
How did I lose it?

I lost the weight by exercising LESS! Yes less πŸ™‚

I’ve been so busy with my book and setting up my web company that I hardly had time to go to the gym, so instead of going to the gym 3-4 kali semingu, I only managed 1-2 kali. Also I obviously tak guna any fat burners, wasn’t trying to lose weight pun but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain my weight (muscles) without latihan berat.

If I don’t exercise much, I have to jaga my food more.

The result: I lose 6kgs……mainly muscles and am I bit leaner now. Am I happy? Not really, I’d rather be a bit bigger around 68kg but dengan takde masa and no weight training…I expected to lose weight πŸ™‚

…dengan takde masa and no weight training…I expected to lose weight…

Lepas raya, once kurang sibuk…I’ll hit the gym macam biasa and get back to 68kg πŸ™‚
The lesson:

  1. Yes you can lose weight without exercise. Its all about the food intake.
  2. Losing or gaining weight is all about know how πŸ™‚
  1. Hey..
    Berat badan I daripada 78 turun 69 dalam masa sebulan setengah. Percaya tak? nak tau sebab apa? sebab I ditinggalkan kekasih huhu… Tapi I look mcm tak sihat. Sekarang tgh exercise sikit, bagi nampak sihat. Biar terbeliak biji mata my ex.. bila tgk I dah cun. hahha

  2. hahaha yeah stress and “sakit” can make you lose weight. tapi like you said, biasa then nampak tak berapa sihat.
    exercise and sweating makes you look healthy and fresh πŸ™‚

  3. mr kev, i nak tanyer, i’ve lost weight from 110kgs to 77kgs rapidly, in 6 months. my height is 179cm. the problem is, how can i get rid of the flab around my abs. ive done cardio and everything, but seems like its not doing much help. second question is, should i loose more weight?
    thank u in advance.

  4. nina – well you have to understand the weight loss is all about making sure that you burn/use more calories than you consume/take in.
    Exercise increases your calorie used…so without it, your food intake becomes even more important.
    How to know if you are eating more than you should, you have to calculate/estimate your daily calorie requirement, calculate your typical food intake per day and compare the 2 figures.
    My book (coming soon) illustrates this very clearly with examples, I’ll try to post up a guide here soon.
    hope this helps.

  5. I’ve been going to gym since Jan this year. About 2-3 times a week. Got myself a trainer lg… but not losing any weight??? At times naik lg… Why arr???
    When I asked my trainer… he said normal… may be the weight gained coz of muscle…
    FYI, I dun have problem with eating. My friends pon hairan y am I still look like this with the intake I had.
    Really frustrated. Thinking of stop going to gym. Esp after reading how all these ppl able to loose so much in such short time. Pointless la. Waaaa!!!
    Where could I go wrong??? where… where… wheeeeereee!!!!

  6. sham – here are my comments
    “may be the weight gained coz of muscle…”
    you should be able to tell from you physique. Are you more muscular now that you have gained weight or lagi gemuk? What do your friends and family say…
    But are you trying to gain muscles? If you do, then yes naturally you will gain weight.
    What about your training regime? Are you training for muscle gain or fat loss? You should focus on one or the other…you gotta prioritize πŸ™‚

  7. thanks for your reply.
    well… i started off training for weight loss… but coz my upper body is obviously bigger, then my trainer concentrated on weight lifting with those “besi yang berat2″… he said that’ll help burn lemak2 tepu there… as for cardio, i still did it on my own, of course based on my trainer’s advice la…
    as for training… hmmm… i’ve been changing from light to medium to heavy and back to medium again… since i x tahan lasak nak buat heavy2 sgt… my trainer arrange for training he called “Endurance”…
    frankly… masa mula2 i started, my weight dropped from 99 to 97… but after sometimes naik balik to 98 and sampai sekarang just playing around that numbers… apa sudah jadik… as for muscle plak… tak build sgt pon…
    when you said i shuld prioritze, are saying that i shud only be doing either one only or do more of one than the other?
    fyi, i’ve been overweight since sek rendah lg… paling berat masa 17 yrs… about 120 kg… masa kat uni i “diet maut”… i just eat once a week… but after some time realized its affecting my body… i stopped and started with normal diet balik…
    i do notice that masa meisure my weight… my trainer pon puzzled gak… y oh y ur lemak so degil!!!… i’ve renewed sessions with my trainer for 2nd time and its expiring soon… takkan nak renew lg kot…
    lagi satu… during posa pon i do go to gym… not as frequent as i used to but at least i still do la… siang hr lg… imagine tgh posa and work out… fuhyoh… but still… no change… waaaa!!!

  8. emm…hi mr sham..may i comment a little bit on ur probem ere…u hardly shed few kilos despite the effort u put in…emm..maybe i am wrong..but i think u shuld go n check with ur doctor..maybe the weighty problem may arise from some of medical problem especially if it has something to do with the endocrine system that regulate the metabolism of the human body..huv u check ur blood sugar level as diabetes mellitus type II may contribte to such weighty problem as ur body is resistant to insulin ..or hypothyroidism…that cause the low concentration of thyroid hormone that important in regulating the metabolism..or some other med condition that are contributing to dis just a piece of advise…just do check with the doctor alrite..peace..:)..

  9. nat – thanks for your comment.

    sham –
    how tall are you? and yes don’t skip meals or don’t “only eat once per week”… not makan ur are just hindering/slowing your metabolism making you weak and lethargic….making you not lose weight pun.
    You wanna makan 4-6 times a day tetapi dengan sukatan yang sederhana and pandai memilih your food.

    Also yes, I would prioritize on losing weight first – that means cardio sessions 80%, and maybe weight training (high intensity circuit training) sebagai bonus.

    But when you do cardio, you want to lay off carbs 3-4 sebelum you start….so that you actually bakar lemak. If not, all you be burning is the food you just ate.

    Just remember that when you lay off the carbs, your performance will suffer a bit, so be careful not too push too much, lagi2 pada bulan puasa. You shouldn’t senam too early while fasting….I’d say around 530-6pm is ok as you can replenish your energy and water lepas tu.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Thanks 4 ur replies.
    I’ve seen doctor nak check blood pressure je… Ok… lain2 x de… hmmm… may be I shud… thanks nat.
    thanks kevin 4 da details… fyi, my height is 170 cm and as this very moment weight at 95kg (just timbang ni)… kurang 3kg… may be coz dah more than 1/2 month puasa… dah nak raya… susah nak maintain ni… tension!!!
    bulan puasa ni, i have a light bebuka (normally milo + roti) and after 1 hour i pegi gym… my trainer said ok… i pon ok je workout… waktu sahur baru i makan proper…
    again, thanks guys for all the advices… i better write down everything… i’ll keep u posted for progress, if any la… i wish!
    Selamat Berbuka.

  11. hi kevin, macamana ye i nk lose weight? fyi, i ni dari kecil mmg jenis badan gemuk, just imagine masa i umur 12 tahun my weight dah 60kg and now i dah berumur 27thn, my weight almost 98kg!! Really worried bout this prob. Nk exercise kat luar malu..coz i rasa macam org sekeliling pandang i. I try minum tea herba tuk lose weight, tapi tak tahan berulang ke toilet. Now, im facing with prob coz nk kawin tahun depan,teringin juga nk pakai baju pengantin yg seksi..
    Any solution for me? Pls help me…

  12. Hi Ema..i pon ader mslah yg smer mcm u.berat bdn start naik dr umur 12 thn.well,my height is 160 n my weight know is 67kg.i pon ngah tnsion mcner nk trnkan berat bdn hnya dgn pngawalan makanan..ader x?nk exercise mner ader mse.Okla..Mr Kevin,can u give us(me n Ema)an idea or suggestion..Like a suitable menu 4 breakfast,lunch n dinner?Just about food means alot 2 us..

  13. helo there…
    u problem is..past few years back…i’ve been lost weight like 10 kgs thru diet n cause i am too busy with classes n all..i have barely time to manage proper meals like eating 5-6 times a day…so guess wut…my metabolism is draining low…so i gained back wut i lost for the past years…n matter how much i control my diet n having physical exercises whenever i could..the weight barely shed away…so..i guess this is wut they call the ‘yo-yo’ effect…so mcm mana ye cik zahri to gain back the sky high metabolism…as the body is already well adapted to the low intake but quite high amount of physical activities sbb i brisk walk to class like 4 kms everyday.. klas jauh terpaksalaa..i consider it as exercises too..huhu..:)..
    but the outcome..i am back to square one…isk..isk..sedihnyerr…

  14. hai en. kevin…
    sebenarnya saya kena turunkan berat atas nasihat doktor sebab saya plaining nak dapatkan baby. berat saya 64kg dan tinggi saya 157cm. memang tak seimbang. so, saya dinasihatkan untuk kurangkan berat sebanyak 10kg. saya sedang cuba kawal pemakanan dan senaman. bagaimana nak kuruskan badan dengan cepat dan betul. terima kasih

  15. hello yusnita,
    saya syorkan Yusnita membeli buka saya untuk panduan yang lengkap.
    Kalau saya tulis di sini pun, saya rasa ia tidak akan menolong sepenuhnya:)
    Selain drpd buku, Yusnite boleh juga consider perundingan individu bersama saya.
    all the best with your baby.

  16. I’m not receiving my freebies yet which is includes with your offer, i just receive the book without any signature.
    I’ve been told by your colleague, that the freebies stocks are finished. But after 3 months from my order, i have not receive any replies from you. Please…

  17. Hi Kevin, Saya nak bertanya pada saudara Kevin, Saya mempunyai berat yang berlebihan. Tinggi saya 152cm dan berat 67kg. Kat rumah saya ada orbitrac untuk execise . Berapa lama sebaik nya saya melakukan execise ini dalam satu hari. Boleh tak saudara Kevin bagi menu makanan yang seimbang untuk diet. Sebab sebelum ni saya dah cuba buat menu sendiri tapi macam tak menjadi pulak. Please……and Thanks

  18. Hai abg kevin, Nie nak tanye skit cara2 nak kurus, dari tahun lepas saya try diet tapi xmenjadi la.Bleh tlg bagi tips skit x?Berat saya 57kg n Tinggi dalam 156cm.Senaman apa yg sesuai untuk saya n plan makanan yg sesuai untuk saya coz saya nak dapat berat dalam 46kg…………..

  19. berat saya 172kg dengan ketinggian 152cm. saya rasa saya terlampau gemok. jadi saya mahu turunkan berat badan tetapi saya hanya guna skipping. bila terlampau penat melompat saya jadi malas. bolehkah u bagi saya cara turunkan berat badan dengan cepat dan mudah.
    p/s : balas dalam email saya. tq

  20. Hi Kevin.
    Congrats 4 tis informative website. banyak info bout health yang saya dapat. bagus sangat2. actually saya nak minta pendapat tinggi saya 154cm, berat 54kg. saya terasa badan berisi sikit, so I plan untuk jogging early morning before go to work tapi takut saya letih di tempat kerja. bolehkah mr kevin bantu saya bcoz that is the only time yang i ada untuk berjogging. thank you

  21. hi,macho man…tinggi i 150cm,berat skrg 61kg..Jan2009 berat i 67…kawal mkn & senam baru krg 6kg..b4 kwin 48kg..lahir anak(Ceaser) naik terus brt bdn 68kg..soalan nya:
    a) setiap hari i akan Lompat bintang (100x) n skipping (300 x), adakah jenis senaman ini membantu turunkan berat bdn i?
    b) i still breastfeeding. bila i control mkn, i cepat letih n adakah diet saya jejaskan kesihatan i n kualiti susu?
    c) suami i hadiahkan pakej slimming n i follow diet planing but i tgok berat i tak turun sgt tapi bdn rasa fit..n masa 1st treatment, my consultant kata body fat i so high 46% n women should have just 21-24%?it’s true or not?n how can i reduce may fat?
    d) can u give easy exercise to kecikkan perut n pinggang..teringin nak pkai kebaya semula… πŸ™
    e) Jenis diet saya buat selama nie- bf:nestum n 4 kpg biskut marie, lunch:ikan bakar/tempe goreng+sayur+ulam+belacan+1/4 nasi, dinner:kdg2 take mihun grg+telur kdg2 just minum chinese teh only..n snack: mkn epal/betik
    soalan: adakah pemakanan saya ini betul…plzzz help me..mcho man

  22. hye..mcm mana nk krgkn 6kg…..? sy msih kena bljar…biasanya diet ni penat sket..mcm mana nk diet n still bleh maintain enrgy utk study?

  23. This is true. i already lost 6 kg within 2 months. act sy dah beli e-book kevin. sy beli buku sbb nk bg sy fit balik.attention nk kurangkan berat bdn xde la besar sgt harapan tue.just nk bg turun 6-8 kg je. tinggi saya 169 , berat sekarang 53kg, b4 59kg. i lost 6 kg within 2 month. 1st month b4 puasa saya control calories intake n out (kira mcm kevin ajar) then yg plg pntg sy sgt berkira utk amik mknan yg nk di mkn.then sy buat slow dance je(pun kadang2).. bila masuk bln puasa mmg da xsempat nk wat slow saya tmbh xtvt lain.n the result raya saya dah lost 6 kg. n time raya haruslah dah xboleh mkn byk..syg nk mkn byk2.nnt berat naik mkn dalam portion yg sedikit tp tetap dpt rasa mknan yg kita nak. πŸ˜‰

  24. How to make myself feel full? Im a food addict..i used to be active b4 but since i start working 8am to 6pm i seldom exercise n jog.n i gained 5-8kg..if i could control my eating habits maybe it would be balance btween my not so active lifestyle n my diet..

  25. Hai Kevin, tinggi saya 155cm dan 64kg. Saya ingin turunkan berat badan dalam 10kg. Boleh Kevin cadangkan senaman dan diet yg sesuai untuk saya?

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