Special Offer: Fat Burner for Women hanya RM115

Are you female and looking for a great affordable fat burner? Don’t miss this offer.

Dear all,
Specially for my female readers, here’s a special offer for you:
Get Universal Nutrition’s Fat Burner for Women for only RM115 (inclusive shipping anywhere in Malaysia). Normal price is RM149.99.
Whats so special about it? Well ia khas untuk wanita. Ia mempertimbangkan ciri2 seorang wanita yang onviously berbeza dengan lelaki. Contohnya, dengan produk ini anda tidak akan dapat jitteriness, mood swings, racing heart, nausea, and insomnia. Dengan 20 zat terpilih, Fat Burners can help your body release stored bodyfat, burn that fat more efficiently, naturally increase energy, improve insulin function, shed excess water weight, promote regularity, reduce appetites, and more.
How to Order?
Ada dua cara

  • Online @ Maxtrition.com.my: Ignore the price listed there and just choose bank transfer during checkout. You’ll get payment intructions in your email.
  • Order @ kevinzahri.com. Isi contact form dengan maklumat anda.

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  1. yes, murah.. tp u jamin produk ni selamat eh?
    bkan ape.. few years back byk sgt cite pasal produk2 kshatan yg mmudaratkan ni.. takot nk try..

  2. ellie – murah coz kita import direct from the US to the consumer. No middle man šŸ™‚
    murni – sama2 and welcome here.
    cumie – jamin keselamatan? I would say that US product all are manufactured with strict guidelines and safe for the consumers. Kalau for me, I’d be more worried about produk2 yang datang dpd negara2 yang kurang pengawalan :)…termasuk produk dari China dan yeah sometimes Malaysia jugak

  3. hei kev, this product mesti ada gelatin, am i right? Just want to clarify with you, the source of gelatin, animal by-product or vegetable? if animal by-product, is it certified halal?

  4. ada certain products, after we stop using it, we’ll become fat again. so, we have 2 stick on that product. is yr fat burner product same like those products?

  5. syahjehan78 – if you become fat again, its not the fat burner or the supplement’s fault :D..its all down to your eating and exercise habits.
    Supplements assist but don’t work magic alone.

  6. Hello Kevin,
    Is the offer still valid?? Just had a “jolt” when a friend mine had stroke at 39…SCARY!!! šŸ™

  7. Hi Kevin, I’d like to know what other reginments you have to follow to take with this product… do u have to exercise everyday? or reduce intake of certain food etc? and is the offer still valid? TQ

  8. Hi Kevin,
    I’m 35 and a mother of 2 boys. I stand at 1.64m and am currently at my heaviest, which is 62kg.
    I would like to go back to my ideal weight of 52kg.
    I used to swim a lot and now that I am no longer able to do that(due to my hectic schedule)I realised that the weight just piles on steadily for the past few months and I have gained almost ten kilos!
    I bought powdered shakes as my meal substitutes but I never really got down to drinking them because they do not give me the same satisfaction of having real meals.
    I am starting off by doing short bursts of activities like jumping rope, using weights and sit ups.
    I have replaced my daily fix of Hot Milo with green tea and I have replaced white bread with wholemeal bread.
    I hardly eat any rice but I have to confess that I do have a sweet tooth and could never resist good chocolate,cakes and cookies.
    How do I expedite my weight loss because my self esteem is really at its lowest point right now and it is absolutely frustrating not being able to wear all my great clothes and I do want to lead my life healthier with the right choices.

  9. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the tips..i had a problem-i boleh la kata chubby sket(tp some people said klu i kurus tak cute la)..but my hips yg buat trouble la..i tak suke part tu..part yg lain ok da..susah nak pakai jeans n lompat2..how ehhh..

  10. yeah kevin…is this offer still valid? went to the link at maxtririon but no product found…so how to order?

  11. Dear Kevin,
    I would like to know if the offer is still valid and how come i couldnt see the product in the website or link provided. I also heard lipo6 is banned in Malaysia , is it true. Anyway i am interested in getting one. Let me know if the offer is still on.

  12. would like to order Fat Burners 4 women ni. is the price still the same? btw, i heard Lipo6 has been banned. is it true?

  13. Hey there
    I would like to order – can’t seem to connect to the website though. Pls tell me how to order. Thanks

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  15. kevin, does this fat burner has a side effect? and how’s the prescription? last time i had hydroxycut, terus pening.

  16. do you still sell this,i am very interested, but im not into gym n stuff. just normal jog. once i stop taking this. will my weight gain rapidly or it will stale. thaks

  17. hi there..how can i get one?tried to find the same product from musclemania.com but most of the products there are for men..

  18. if i not mistaken some of universal nutrition product are non halal, and most of fat burner will has side effect,does this product also the same?

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