Book Update – "Fitness 24/7"

Good news! My book, “Fitness 24/7” is finally finished and has gone into printing. Checkout the sample page to give you an idea of that the book looks like.

Dear all,

Good news! My book, Fitness 24/7 is finally done and has gone into printing. Click on the sample page to give you an idea of that the book looks like.

Some features about the book, fitness 24/7

  • Ada Edisi BM and English
  • Full Color
  • 176 Pages
  • Based on the Asian (Malaysian) lifestyle with local calorie guide

Officially the book will only go on sale early January 2008 but you will be able to pre-order the book here and at its website (

Why should you pre-book?

  • Get discount
  • Free Shipping
  • Extra Freebies (from Adidas, Fitness Concept, Fitness First etc)
  • Coz its an awesome book…takut sold out nanti 😉

  1. hi kev..
    cmana nk order buku tuh..
    online jek senang.. mals nak cari merata2 dah.
    klu xjumpa, frust jek.. hahah~
    byk kaler la dat book, interesting..
    info pun bagus.. xde la meleret2 ngn bahasa yg org xphm..
    great work!!

  2. cumie – thanks for the feedback.
    i’ll start jual online once the prices 100% confimred from da publisher…but going to be around RM60-65.
    Hopefully dalam 1-2 minggu dah bole pre-order online terus @

  3. hey kev, da books look very interesting la. very impressive. can’t wait to get my hands on u….eeerrr i mean da book 😀

  4. hey abg kevin, the book looks cool la…n not so bosan like other books. congrats!
    let me know once the book is out, k?

  5. jhr76 – once the website is up (end oct/early nov), we’ll release more info on table of content and more sample pages.
    buffboy – thanks. yup there are chapter devoted to weight training, supplements etc.

  6. look good man…..good job.
    i rasa its important that the book is easy to read, easy to understand and makes one wanna actually pick it up and read it. Based on the first screenshot, looks like fitness 24/7 fits the bill…..hope the rest of the book lives up to the expectation.

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