Back in the Gym…and Soooooooooore!

Its been six week since I last did any kind of weight training, sports or even any physical activity really…..thank to puasa la.

Yesterday was day #1 for me and although mentally I was up for it, physically (my body) wasn’t. but thats entirely normal. Especially if your body (like mine) has been in “hibernation” or “doing absolutely nothing” mode for the last month and a half.

The result? Today my muscles are gila2 sore but its expected after a long layoff

So if you are thinking about starting your training program selepas puasa and raya, here a quick guide for you:

Before you go:

  • Make sure you are not injured or hurt
  • Energize yourself with a proper pre-exercise meal. For me its carbs and a protein shake
  • Just do it! Sometimes the hardest part is to actually start training again. Drag yourself if you have to

At the gym:

  • Start slow…..I go on the treadmill for a slow2 jog for about 5 minutes
  • Once you are warmed up, do some light stretching
  • Go easy on the weights
  • Start with compound movements
  • Listen to your body. If you feel dizzy (which is normal sometimes…as your body is in shock), stop and rest
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • sekali lagi, Go easy on the weights….forget about impressing ppl next to you 😉

When you first start, make sure to take it easy and build your strength for time…

After the gym

  • Cool down….just like you started….slight running and stretching (in that order)
  • Drink water and replace electrolytes with a sports drink (kalau bole)
  • Within about 30 minit, go for a protein shake to aid your muscle recovery process
  • Rest

The day after….you’ll be sore as hell.

  • Make sure to eat consistently to bekalkan nutrisi yang berkekalan untuk membaiki otot2
  • Rest and drink lots of fluids
  • Don’t hit the gym the very next day, if possible
  • Enjoy the “pain”…soreness is a good sign that your body is reacting to your training 😉
  1. kev, it did happen to me also. but the prob is, it takes weeks to recover. patut ke i tnggu those recover period to lift again? or i just continue je.. tp sakit la. how’s is it?

  2. tq for yr reply..
    btw.. jealous gak aku tengok org cam u gi ke gym..
    for me.. hmm. perut dah ke depan ni leceh sikit la..
    ok.. bro keep fit..

  3. joey – lift enough to exert yourself for about 10-15 repetitions
    kobe – shouldn’t take that long to recovery. Normally about 2-3 days. To cepatkan the recovery, make sure you makan frequently and supps like glutamine & protein help!
    emio – why envy…join the crowd 😉

  4. SO TRUE!!
    i started doing the fitness stuff after a long rest, and the day after i woke up with cramps all over and it hurts like hell
    basically it’s the way my body telling me “dude you are old! for god sake you’re 26 and not 16 anymore!!”

  5. what’s up!aye nie peminat abg kevin…aye nk tanye c-kit..mcm mane nk bagi badan nampak sasa selain g gym?saye nk jadi adik angkat abg kevin bleh x?antway krn alam kt intan ok…

  6. what’s up!aye nie peminat abg kevin…saye nk tanye c-kit..mcm mane nk bagi badan nampak sasa selain g gym?saye nk jadi adik angkat abg kevin bleh x?anyway krm salam kt intan ok…

  7. owange_county: who cares the language is perfect or not. effective communication happens when ppl understand. no need perfect grammar and bombastic words.. asalkan orang paham well enuff. kene consider gak the target readers.
    btw, way to go KZ!

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