Fitness 24/7 & Cergas 24/7 PDF Sample

Click on the following links for pdf sample of my book, fitness 24/7 dan Cergas 24/7 (malay version)
[download=6] [download=7] You can also view the flash books: English or Malay.

  1. sir i m woman and surely want to lose my weight my current weight is 120 kg and i wish for 95 kg and in my town there is no gym and what do i do now .. please i need a remedy for my obesity i am ashamed of myself that;s why i don;t go out much. or anyway.. now my sisters wedding is after 2 month.. and as i m india and bengali there are many functions that were done i want to enjoy that as she is my younger sister and she wished that i should attain all rituals and enjoy them too,, i need your suggestion..

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