Fitness 24/7 Book Package Deal for RM75

Fitness 24/7 Book Promo
Dear all,
Together with our sponsors and partners, we are happy to offer you and exclusive deal on all our book purchases.

Fitness 24/7 & Cergas 24/7 RM75 Special Online Only Package

We are retailing Kevin’s books with an exclusive package offer for RM75. All book purchases on also get:

  • Autographed Copy by Kevin Zahri
  • RM10 Voucher from Maxtrition
  • 5% Discount Voucher from Fitness Concept
  • Discount Voucher from Adidas (Details Soon)
  • 7-Day Trial Membership from Fitness First
  • RM50 Off for our upcoming Fitness 24/7 Seminars
  • RM100 Off Personal Consultations with Kevin Zahri
  • Free Domain worth RM44.95 from Maxhosting
  • FREE Courier Shipping*

*West Malaysia Only

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  1. salam Kev,
    i dah pre order dulu rm 53 n i check ii was charged in my bill credit card last month. my Q is can i upgrade it to package RM 75? it’s very interesting lah…. hope u can respon ASAP yer. so bila leh dapat buku tue? tak sabar dah nie…. 🙂

  2. Kev
    lupa nak cakap, Congrate to you. today is biggest day for u. all the best fren.. Hope Majlis u berjalan dengan lancar dan jayanya. May Allah bless u fren, take care. sorry i can’t come….. (jauh & extra):( jangan lupa masukkan pic majilis tu dalam blog yer… kongssi sama2… salam

  3. Akhirnya saya telah mendapat pesanan buku anda Cergas 24/7 pada hari ini 25/04/2008 setelah dua minggu kelewatan dan masalah-masalah yang timbul.
    Terima Kasih Kevin.
    Walau bagaimanapun, saya ingin bertanya mengenai tawaran-tawaran pakej belian buku saya ini (saya membeli secara online pakej RM75) yang mana saya hanya menerima:
    1-Sebuah buku yang anda tandatangan
    2-Free 1-week membership Fitness First yang akan tamat 30/april/2008 ini
    3-Sekeping risalah promosi untuk membeli peralatan kesihatan di FitnessFirst
    4-Sekeping risalah untuk mencatat BMI saya
    1-Di mana tawaran-tawaran lain yang anda ingin berikan jika membeli pakej online RM75? Bagaimana ingin mendapatkannya?
    contoh;Free Domain worth RM44.95 from Maxhosting? mana Voucer?
    contoh:RM10 Voucher from Maxtrition ? mana voucer?
    controh:50% off Personal Consultations with Kevin Zahri ? Voucer?
    contoh:RM50 off for our upcoming Fitness 24/7 Seminars ? Voucer?
    contoh:5% Discount Voucher from Fitness Concept ? Voucer?
    contoh:RM10 Voucher from Maxtrition ?
    contoh:Discount Voucher from Adidas ?
    Mr Kevin, saya cuma inginkan kepastian bagaimana untuk saya melayakkan mendapat semua tawaran tersebut memandangkan tiada “black and white” tentang semua yang berkenaan.
    Adalah lebih baik saya membeli Pakej sebuah buku sahaja daripada mengharapkan pakej online rm75 yang “empty contant”.
    Terima Kasih Kevin.
    Tel: 017-7223178/017-6812304

  4. hello aidiladhda,
    Thanks for your email. The rest are e-vouchers (not physical) and will be emailed to you.
    We are also going to include a RM50 voucher from Adidas nanti. Pending delivery from adidas.
    nanti Watie (016-6880304) will contact you.

  5. T.Q Kevin!
    Coz i really need that’s all voucer (e-voucer) to enjoyed discount n make other online-tranx e.g. buy a domain at ur maxhosting.

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