Fitness 24/7 Book Package Deal for RM75

Fitness 24/7 Book Promo
Dear all,
Together with our sponsors and partners, we are happy to offer you and exclusive KevinZahri.com deal on all our book purchases.

Fitness 24/7 & Cergas 24/7 RM75 Special Online Only Package

We are retailing Kevin’s books with an exclusive package offer for RM75. All book purchases on KevinZahri.com also get:

  • Autographed Copy by Kevin Zahri
  • RM10 Voucher from Maxtrition
  • 5% Discount Voucher from Fitness Concept
  • Discount Voucher from Adidas (Details Soon)
  • 7-Day Trial Membership from Fitness First
  • RM50 Off for our upcoming Fitness 24/7 Seminars
  • RM100 Off Personal Consultations with Kevin Zahri
  • Free Domain worth RM44.95 from Maxhosting
  • FREE Courier Shipping*

*West Malaysia Only

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