Is It True Fruits Won’t Let You Gain Weight?

Can Fruits Make You Gain Weight?

gua_small.jpgThat’s a great question! Dari kecil lagi we were always told that fruits are good for they are supposed to be natural…

…An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

Saya rasa … in terms of motivation or azam, that’s not a problem tetapi kenapa ramai gagal dalam merealisasikan azam mereka?

Find out whether it is true that fruits won’t let you gain weight?

  1. Yes, fruits can and cannot make you gain weight. It depend on which fruits we take.
    We must take fruits rich in fiber such as kiwi, green and red apple, star fruit, guava, papaya, plum,pineapple,orange and etc.

    We are not advice to take a lot of banana, mango, durian, rambutan and etc….

    Kevin, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. norliah – any fruits (with or without fiber) can make you gain weight 🙂 anything that contains calories can make you gain weight….if you makan more than you should la…but 1-2 fruits a day are ok 🙂

  3. Sorry this comment is out of content.
    im an engineer working on a rig in saudi.
    Abg kevin hope boleh beri komen and advice
    currently my work-out routine is body-weight approx 77kg at 179cm
    1)military chin-up(hang anywhere..selagi tak patah)..5 set of 15 reps
    2)chest-dip(using two chairs..byk dah pecah)..3 sets of 20 reps
    3)push-up(incline n decline)..2 sets of 30 for each.
    4)kalau rajin buat youtube 6mins sit-up with couch n some easy stuff for oblique..if i still have time
    very easy n practical routine..i do it before hitting the shower and skali lagi sebelum tido..45mins all together

    The food in the rig..paham2 jelar..thats the only source of entertainment,=)..but this is my diet for my first meal (2 hours after celik)
    1)KAMBING!!!(sumtimes comes with gravy..sedap btl)
    2)Tamar (great source of energy)
    3)Plenty of vege
    4)alot of bananas
    5)normal susu tepung not the fancy one.

    2nd meal..(4 hrs b4 bed)
    1)pisang and air

    is theres anything i need to be aware or concern about.


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